Assisted Reproductive Technology : Infertility Solution

Solving the problem of infertility of a woman is easy enough to be resolved with the help of Assisted reproductive technology. This method is useful enough to treat the infertility problem with the use of some artificial techniques. Assisted reproductive technology which is popularly known as ART generally includes all the methods of treatment where sperms and eggs are used.
assisted Reproductive Technology
Whether it is matter of removing eggs from the ovaries or uniting them with sperms or bestowing that in the womb of another woman, ART procedure is something indispensable in this matter. ART procedure is not maintained when in a treatment only sperms are looked after or where the basic aim of the treatment was to encourage the egg production is not an ART procedure.

Most of the medicines that are available in the market generally accelerate the growth of the follies in the ovary. There are some procedures or techniques that are delineated below.

Infertility SolutionIn vitro fertilization is the technique where the fertilization takes place out side the body of a female. The growth of IVF is sometimes needed in this technique. Transvaginal Ovum Retrieval is the process where the collection of eggs is executed by inserting a tiny needle through the vagina. Assisted zona hatching is the name of the process where a tiny gap is created in the egg’s external layer to assist in the growth of the embryo. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is executed when there is a problem with the sperm. In this treatment a fine needle is used to inject a single sperm into an egg-center. Another interesting process is the egg donor process. Here a female have to donate her eggs to another female to produce a healthy embryo.

Therapeutic Donor Insemination is used when the partner of a woman does not have a fully active sperm. Therefore a sperm donor has to find out in this situation to resolve this issue. Gestational Carrier is another procedure where a female has to transfer her pregnancy to another woman because of some poor medical condition or because of not having uterus.

Infertility Solution  There are other numerous processes too. Different symptoms and the problems have different treatments to resolve that problem. It has been noticed that the infants which are born after having a treatment, have less birth defects. But there are also some researches that are proclaiming that those infants who are conceived after getting treatment from the assisted reproductive technology are more liable to birth defects. In a statistic report in the USA generated the fact that IVF-conceived infants have more major birth defects than naturally conceived infants.

The cost of this treatment depends largely on the method that is going to take and may vary country wise. A family should have to be prepared for bearing a huge expense himself alone if there is no insurance coverage. There are various insurance companies who are bearing the cost of diagnosis.

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