Best Sexual Positions to get Pregnant

If you are keen about knowing the best sexual positions which can make you pregnant then this article will definitely help you. First of all, one should understand that in order to get pregnant there are no such strict guidelines which tells one the positions to do intercourse. In order to get pregnant, the basic requirement is the penetration of male’s sperms in to the vagina of a woman. From there, the sperms needs to join the egg, head up to the uterus and reach the fallopian tube. Now, this may happen by doing sex in almost any position.

It is also true that many couples find it difficult to conceive for various reasons. In order to increase the chances of getting pregnant, the couples need to understand that such a sexual position in which the sperms are submitted nearest to the female cervix; can increase the chances of conceiving. Many people may think that no sexual position can help in getting pregnant. However, it is not completely true. There are some sexual positions which help the sperm meet the egg in a short period of time. Following are some of the sexual positions which may help a woman getting pregnant.

Best Sexual Positions to get Pregnant

First, having man on top while intercourse is one of the best positions for getting pregnant. It enables deep penetration of the penis in to the vagina. This way, the sperms are shot at a place very near to the cervix of the female. This position is also referred as missionary position. Second, while having sex, the hips of the woman should be elevated by putting a pillow below her. This may help a woman get pregnant. It helps in exposing the female cervix to the sperms. Third, having sex while laying aside each other is another position which allows the sperms to get to the nearest place to female’s cervix. Fourth, entering a woman from backwards may also helps in conceiving. It also allows good penetration. Last but not the least, female orgasm is also important to get pregnant. Therefore, always try to enjoy sex and not to do it merely as a duty.

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