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Infants are the flowers of every society. They add fragrance to our society. But sometimes they also become the victims of destiny and are born with some physical deformities. These inborn deformities are called “Birth Defects”. The consequences of these defects depend on the severity of the defects. If it is a paltry one, it is not a cause of concern. But if it is severe one, an infant may loose his life. Therefore any kind of birth defects should be treated with due care and cautions.
Birth defect
Three out of every hundred babies are susceptible for birth defects. This ratio does not generally vary in country wise or locality wise. The causes behind these birth defects are many. There may be an environmental and genetics factors behind this defects or sometimes it is the combine influence of these two that made this problem. Here are some common factors that are generally thought to be the reasons behind this deformity:

Single gene is sometime thought to be the reason behind this. A child not only inherits normal genes from his/her parents but also it inherits some genes that the root of the deformity. Further Multifactorial inheritance and Chromosome abnormalities are also the reasons behind this kind of birth defects. Another pertinent factor behind this problem is the presence of an agent named teratogen. Actually it is the disease of the mother or the drinking, smoking habits of the mother that made it easy for disease to put his claws on the infant.

Birth defect Though sometimes the birth defect does not have any large impact on the infant, sometimes it can have some dire consequences of not having an organ or having an extra organ. But these defects can be rectified if some examinations are performed before the birth of the child.

There are numerous tests available that can be helpful in finding out the defects of the conceived infant.
Down syndrome problem can be erased by using Estriol. It is a hormone that is immensely helpful in preventing this disease.
Genetic disorders and chromosomal abnormalities can be traced out in the prenatal stage by the test of Chorionic villus sampling (CVS).
Birth defect  Using Ultrasound technique can also be helpful in finding out the physical deformity. Internal organs, their positions and shapes can be traced out through this test.
Chromosomal abnormalities can be tracked in the test of Amniocentesis. It generally executed its examination by gathering samples of the amniotic fluid which determines the chromosomal nature of the child.
Further blood test can be performed to find out the exact nature of the chromosome.
These are some of the tests that are generally done before the birth of an infant to make it certain that the child would not have any deformity.

Gynecologists are trying their best to prevent the birth defects as much as possible. Rejecting the practice of drinking and taking vitamin filled with folic acid may help to reduce the number of birth defects.

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