Breast Development During Pregnancy

There are certain changes that occur in the breast tissue during pregnancy. It is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. Several changes take place in the body of a pregnant woman. The change occurs in the breast as the breast starts preparing for feeding. Let us have a look at some of the common changes that occur in the breast during pregnancy.

Breast DevelopmentSore Breasts – The breasts start becoming sore or tender during the early months of pregnancy. It does not happen with all women and in some cases they go unnoticed. Sometimes pain is also accompanied with sore breasts. These changes occur during the first trimester of pregnancy. For this reason many women do not enjoy sex during this period.

As the pregnancy progresses there are chances that the colour of the nipple will change. They become larger and darker in colour. Sometimes small pimple or goose bump are also seen in the areola region. These are very common and are considered to be normal. These types of changes are known as Montgomery’s tubercules.

Larger Breasts – From the starting of the second trimester the size of the breast begin to grow. This happens because the breast tissues start preparing itself for feeding. At the end of the pregnancy term the breasts grow much larger in size and the mother has to wear a nursing bra.

Leaking Colostrum – The first milk that our body makes is referred to as Colostrum. It is slightly yellowish in colour and provides the baby with immunities. The first milk also offers protection from jaundice. This milk is very important for the baby. Due to the presence of colostrum, sometimes a thin layering is formed over the nipples.

No Breast Changes – There are some cases where no changes in the breast are noticed. Sometime there may be very little change. But this does not mean that there will be some complication during pregnancy and breastfeeding will be impossible.

Breast Development Pregnancy

Several myths and misconceptions are associated with pregnancy. Let us have a look at some of the common myths. One of the common myth is, if no colostrum is formed on the nipple then breastfeeding is not possible. But the actual fact is that sometimes colostrum is seen only after the birth of the baby. So appearance of colostrum during or after pregnancy is normal. Many think that if nipples are toughened during pregnancy then there are low chances of getting sore nipples while breastfeeding. But the main cause of getting sore nipples is the improper positioning of the baby during feeding. It is a common concept that if the nipples are bigger then the baby finds it difficult to suck the milk. But actually it is easier to put the nipple in the baby’s mouth if it is slightly bigger.

One can continue breastfeeding even while being pregnant. A mother can easily nurse a child who is slightly older along with a baby as there will be enough milk for both. Many think that feeding leads to sagging of the breasts. But the sagging appears due to certain changes in the tissues.

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