Common Reasons For Miscarriage

Unfortunate events come into place when not expected. Soon-to-be-mothers experience common problem called miscarriage that occurs every now and then. Premature miscarriage takes place preceding its sixth week. It happens due to the slow development of the embryo. There are uncertain explanations why this occurs that even physicians could not explain further, and eventually lead woman to little be confused about the situation. It also happen when pregnant women fell down.

MiscarriageThe surroundings influence the cause of miscarriage. The age of pregnancy, sexual transmitted diseases, and drug use, are some of the many reasons why miscarriage occurs. However, pregnant women have no fault with all the miscarried. On the other hand, contraceptive pills intake effects to small reduction of danger in miscarriage. On the other side of the coin, often contact to such solvents increase the chance of miscarriage.

Miscarriage appears to around 20 percent of almost all identified pregnancies. Generally, pregnant women aging more than 35 years involve not just one fetus. There are other pregnancies that are of multiple infants in the womb that include twins, triplets, or more. But unfortunate events come into place and kills one or two of the multiple pregnancies. In every 200 pregnant women, about one or two of them has experienced repeated miscarriages. Doctors call such as recurrent impulsive abortion. Other cases of miscarriage occur by chance and often found no cause.

swine flu vaccine miscarriageHowever, if there are problems with the chromosomes of the embryo that may also cause the loss of the pregnancy of most women for the initial 13 weeks. Such event eradicates to almost 100 percent of the fertilized eggs or roughly 95 percent of the embryos that have hereditary problems; of which this is a normal way of ending the survival of the child. In this connection, impulsive abortion comes into place not until the woman learned that she is pregnant.

There are also specific deceases and other abnormalities that increase the possibility of risk of miscarriage. Most women’s blood which contains certain antibodies that adds up to the danger of the pregnant women. Probably, these women are physically in good position with no any symptom attained but it is there. With blood testing, it is directly determined whether the antibodies are present or not. If these are present, the infant in the womb probably develops too slow and/or grow with complications. If so, consulting to specialized physician is advisable for such event before anything will happen and jeopardize the infant’s life.

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