Coping with Miscarriage

When pregnancy is lost before the birth of the child at any point of time, it is known as the loss of pregnancy. It can be a miscarriage in the first three months or towards the end of the pregnancy. There are different reasons for the loss of pregnancy.

The most common type of pregnancy loss is Miscarriage. It occurs before the gestation period. The danger of miscarriage prevails mostly in the first three months of pregnancy. A destroyed ovum or the lack of the development of the egg may cause miscarriage.

Coping Miscarriage PregnancyIn Tubal pregnancy the ovum develops outside the uterus generally in the fallopian tube because the other parts of the body are not supportive enough to allow the development of the fetus. This often results to the loss of pregnancy. The severity of this loss can even endanger the life of the mother. Preterm birth does not always result to premature birth. But in case of premature birth there is a high possibility of the death of the newly born child. Even with the development of the medical science it is difficult to save the child. There are many signs by which the preterm labor can be suspected.

Stillbirth is the pregnancy loss where the baby dies due to any cause before the birth of the child within 20 weeks. The cases of still birth are very rare, nearly about 1%. There are many side effects on the mother due to this these pregnancy losses. In such cases counseling proves to be very useful or seeking an advice from the one who already experienced such tragedy may also be helpful. But going for an option of another baby after many such loses may prove to be very dangerous. In this case doctors should be consulted in every step.
Coping with Miscarriage
There are some methods by which these pregnancy lose can be carefully handled. We can remember the lost baby through some ways. Firstly one can name a baby. Secondly one should save some of her favorite things of her life such as ultra sound photos. Thirdly some rituals can be performed such as thanking god for giving the opportunity to spend some time with the baby. Fourthly declaring the loss of the baby in front of friend or relative can prove to be helpful as their suggestions can be sometimes consoling. Buying some interesting and good stuff either for oneself or for somebody helps in recovering from the grief of the pregnancy loss. Donating stuff to some other child can give a great relief to the mother who experienced pregnancy loss. It is often seen that people go the same hospital where their child was born and give gifts, toys and blankets to the other child who are there. This gives immense satisfaction to the people.

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