Correct nutrition & Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Baby Movements During PregnancyIt is the aspiration of every mother to give birth to a perfectly healthy baby. In order to fulfill this aspiration, it is essential for her to safeguard her own health too. The development of the baby in the womb depends to a large extent on the diet of the mother as well as recommended exercises. The expectant mother should ensure that her diet is adequate both in quality and quantity to satisfy the nutritional requirements of the baby as well as those of her own body including a check on their weights.

The expectant mother should therefore take plenty of whole meal preparations, sprouted pulses, green leafy vegetables, gur (Jaggery), preparations of peanuts and sesame, and such other foods containing high proportions of organic iron. She should also take medicinal preparations containing iron and folic acid.

Baby Movements During Pregnancy

Folic acid deficiency in the food may result in a steep rise in the blood pressure and inflammation of the internal lining of the uterus. Vomiting can be controlled, and the megaloblastic type of anemia can be prevented, by the administration of folic acid. This would be of especial benefit if more than one baby is developing in the womb. Folic acid is generally not available in foods in quantities required for making up its deficiency, and medication as well as meditation may be the only satisfactory alternative in case of deficiency.

Sodium fluoride strengthens the teeth of the baby. An expectant mother should therefore take about 2 milligrams of sodium fluoride every day. Fluorine is present in sufficient quantities in common salt, milk, carrots, apricots, beets, French bean pods, potatoes, spinach, cabbages, tomatoes, dates, eggs, meat and salt water fishes.

Foods containing iodine are necessary to prevent the essential elements present in the body of the expectant mother from being lost in urine through the kidneys. The element is present in sea foods and green leafy vegetables.

Recommended daily nutrition and healthy diet for the expectant pregnancy woman:

  • Breakfast – The expectant mother may select two or three items from the following list for breakfast – Fruits, fruit juice, pulses, meat, eggs, cheese, bread or toast with butter, milk, tea or coffee.
  • Mid-day Meal – She may select four or five items from the following list for the mid-day meal – Rice, pulse soup, vegetables (cooked or raw), chapattis, bread, milk, fruits, meat, eggs, fish, cheese, chicken, mineral waters, etc.
  • Evening Meal – She may select four or five items from the following list – Khichdi, vegetables, bread, milk, fruits, meat, eggs, fish, cheese, chicken, etc.

Thus, correct nutrition and healthy pregnancy diet is important for pregnant women in order to keep her healthy as well as her baby.

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