Dealing with miscarriage

The loss of pregnancy at any time before the birth of the child is said to be Pregnancy loss. This can happen due to miscarriage in the first trimester or as still birth in the end of pregnancy. However, pregnancy loss may be different and is differently experienced by families who suffer from that loss.
Dealing with miscarriage
The loss of pregnancy that occurs before twenty weeks gestation is called miscarriage. This occurs mainly half way, before the baby is capable of surviving outside the uterus. Mostly miscarriages occur during the first trimester which may be caused due to blighted ovum or because of the failure of the egg to develop. If the baby dies due to any reason around twenty weeks, i.e., after the midpoint of pregnancy it is known as still born. However, the rate of still born is about 1% in case of pregnancies.

After the loss of a pregnancy one feels low and is not realize what would be the right thing to do. It is advised to take help from such parents who have gone through similar situation. However, the hospitals should be able to show the right way. Other means like grief counseling and memorial services also help. However, for some people individual counseling is of great help. However, it is always advised to do what will be best for one’s family.

Many couples try to have a baby immediately after the loss of a pregnancy. This often tends to be scary for the individual and her family. One may require extra visits to the doctor to get prepared both physically and mentally to deal with pregnancy again. One must be patient and calm both with oneself and family.
Dealing with miscarriage
Pregnancy loss often results in remembering the lost baby more during family celebrations. There are some ways that can help one in remembering her child anytime she wants. One can always name her lost baby. One can do it if she feels good by doing it. It doe not matter how many months the person has been bearing the baby or whether the gender was known to her.

Another way is to save something from the time of the experience. It can be cards, ultrasound photos or anything that is memorable. One can also have a ritual done. Even a simple prayer can be done. The entire family can get together and say a simple prayer to thank god for the time spent with the baby that was growing inside her.

A memorable service can also be conducted for the lost baby. How long the person had been bearing the baby does not matter as the baby belongs to her and if she publicly recognizes it can be of great relief. One can even buy something special to remember her lost child. It can be anything related to child which will act as a memento and will help one remember her child.

Another way to remember the lost child is to make a donation. It can be anything, money, time or gifts. One can go to the hospital and make donations around the anniversary of the lost baby. In this way one can keep her child alive.

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