Depression during Pregnancy

Pregnant women sometimes use antidepressants when they feel depressed.
Depression is not new when a woman is pregnant. A study showed that between 14 to 23 percent of pregnant woman experience severe depression. 13 percent of these women take antidepressants during pregnancy.

Depression during PregnancyBeing depressed and taking antidepressants during pregnancy has a major effect not just to your own health but to the newborn as well. Infants born from women who are having depression during pregnancy has shown much risk in being irritable, the babies tend to be less attentive and have fewer facial expressions compared to those babies born from women who were not depressed. Depression is associated with the growth of the baby and a short period of gestation. Some studies have found that depression can cause malformation in the fetus, defects in the heart, birth weight and pulmonary hypertension.

Depression can be difficult to detect in pregnant women because its symptoms are synonymous to the symptoms that are associated during pregnancy just like sudden change of mood and appetite. Depressed mothers are more likely to have complications during pregnancy, like vomiting, nausea and they are most likely to consume drugs and alcohol.

Depression during PregnancyPregnant women who have mild to moderate depressions can still be treated with psychotherapy. Patients should have constant consultation with their doctors for faster recovery and treatment. There are several ways to treat women with depression but it depends on the situation of the depressed woman as well.
For women who are planning to get pregnant, it is recommended that you stop your medication. Seek advice from your psychiatrist before getting pregnant.

Pregnant women who are currently taking medication can stop if advised by the psychiatrist especially if there are no symptoms of depression anymore. Those who are still having recurrent depression can use other methods to augment the medication, like psychotherapy.

A pregnant woman who is not under medication but is already depressed can use also psychotherapy as an alternative to those who are avoiding antidepressants. For those women who opt to undergo medication, they should sit and discuss it with their psychiatrists as to what the risks and the benefits that they can get during the period of gestation as well the effect of these medication to the baby.Studies have been conducted on depression during pregnancy but these studies have not been proven yet because of other factors that can cause depression may be present during pregnancy.

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