Difference Between Urine & Blood Pregnancy Test

There are two kinds of tests which can be done for knowing whether a woman is pregnant or not. Urine pregnancy test, as the name suggests is based on a test which analyzes the urine of a woman. On the other hand, blood is tested in a blood pregnancy test. You might be thinking that why a woman would get a blood pregnancy test done when she can do a urine pregnancy test by herself at home. In this article, we are going to inform you about the difference between both these tests.

First, we will talk about urine pregnancy test. Any urine pregnancy test is done for detecting HCG hormone which indicates pregnancy. One can get such a test done at a doctor’s clinic or at home. Home pregnancy test kits can be purchased easily from pharmacy shops. There is one problem with urine pregnancy test i.e. the level of HCG hormone varies from woman to woman and these levels cannot be known.

Difference Between Urine & Blood Pregnancy Test

If we talk about a blood pregnancy test then we have a completely different type of test. Two kinds of blood pregnancy tests are known as qualitative and quantitative blood tests. Qualitative blood pregnancy test is performed for checking the presence of pregnancy hormone HCG in the blood. It can either be positive or negative. While a quantitative blood pregnancy test reports the amount of HCG present in the blood. Such information is important as it may signify multiple pregnancies. One should also understand that a urine pregnancy test may be misleading. This is because such a test may show positive but if you perform it again after a few days then you may find it negative. This is because thirty to fifty percent of embryos which join walls of uterine hardly make it.

It is not similar to miscarriage as it takes place within a few days after embryos attach themselves with walls of uterine. Whatever result is given by home pregnancy test, you should consult your doctor after some days for getting it confirmed.

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