Differences between Normal and Scissor Delivery

Normal & Scissor DeliveryGiving birth to a baby is often the case the dream that most women in this world may have. When they have successfully given birth to a baby in the end, most women in this world will feel more than just happy. They often feel like they have had the dream of their life. However, as a matter of fact, the duration of time during which the women have not completely gone through the delivery of the baby yet is one thing that they need to be more concerned about.

When it comes to giving birth to a baby, people are usually quite aware that there are two possible conditions. The first one is known as the normal delivery. Then, the second one is known as the scissor delivery.

A pregnant woman that gives birth to a child sometime after the 36th week but before the 39th week — or in other words, 38 or 41 weeks post LMP — is said to experience a normal delivery to her beloved baby. However, what statistics have always shown so far is that there are only as many as two third of pregnant women out there that give birth to their baby within the period of three weeks close to the expected baby birth date. In addition to that, there are as many as around eighty percent of the pregnant women out there that give birth to a baby within one month of the expected baby birth date.

A normal delivery will usually have 3 periods. These periods are comprised of the dilatation period, press or expulsion period and the post birth period. For a normal delivery to take place, the head of the baby will have to conform to the wide range of sections that the pelvic has. During the first phases of the expulsion period, the head of the baby will develop. Then, during the final phases, the head will rotate up to ninety degrees.

The scissor delivery, on the other hand, is the case in which a surgery needs to be carried out. The reason is often because the bone structure that the mother has is too small compared to the size of the head of the baby. As a result, it becomes impossible for a normal delivery to take place. Then, as a solution to this, a surgical incision is created for the purpose of delivering the baby from the uterus.

With that being said, it is visible that a scissor delivery is often more risky than the normal delivery.

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