False Pregnancy Symptoms

False pregnancy also termed Pseudocyesis or pseudopregnancyis a condition in which a woman who is not pregnant believes that she is pregnant. The woman considers her pregnant though there is no evident sign of pregnancy but they do contain some False Pregnancy Symptoms which are much closer to the actual pregnancy symptoms. According to doctors women who are closer to the risk of experiencing False Pregnancy Symptoms are

  • The ones who has gone through a miscarriage or have lost their child
  • The ones in their late thirties or forties, who have been trying to conceive for many years but are unable to conceive because of some fertility problems.

False Pregnancy SymptomsCauses

Medical experts believe the principal cause of False Pregnancy Symptoms is the emotional conflict. It is considered that an extreme and passionate desire to become pregnant or an extreme fear of being pregnant creates certain changes in the endocrine system. These changes explain some False Pregnancy Symptoms. These False Pregnancy Symptoms are very much similar to the real pregnancy symptoms and are not easily distinguishable. Here are 4 main False Pregnancy Symptoms that a woman should know.

Missed periods

If the menstrual period does not come on time it is a pregnancy symptom. But late menstrual can also be caused due to the irregular cycles, or there is a possibility that the track of the menstrual dates is not properly kept.

Tender breasts

Tender breasts are the earliest pregnancy symptom, but sometimes it can also be a premenstrual symptom.

Morning sickness

Morning sickness

Morning sickness also can be sometimes misleading. It actually is the hormonal change within the body of the women that cause her to be nauseous and feel tired.

Abdominal widening

Another False Pregnancy Symptom is the abdominal feels wide or bloated as if the woman is really pregnant. It can be because of some gas, urine retention or fats.

At times False Pregnancy Symptoms can confuse the expectant parents. The possible way out of False Pregnancy Symptoms is the pregnancy tests. But there are certain cases where even the tests fail to give accurate results.

Fortunately the good news about this is the chances of the false pregnancy test being false can be successfully avoided. So it is better to have a profound knowledge about the pregnancy tests. These tests should be timely conducted to avoid further psychological and emotional complications.

Abdominal WideningIf the couple decides to use a home pregnancy test, it is better to select the best brand of the available options. And the written instruction should also be followed accurately. The test should be conducted only once, after controlling the anxiety to avoid further confusion and emotional distress.

The pregnancy kits actually measure the hCG hormone in the body of the mother. The level of this hormone has a wide range earlier in the pregnancy. It is important that the pregnancy test should be conducted at the right time.

With right knowledge the couple can buy the best brand of the over-the-counter pregnancy kit. And can rightly prevent the false pregnancy test results.

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