Fertility Drugs Side Effects, Risks and Complications

Most of the women, who find it impossible to get pregnant after trying for a certain period of time, generally one year, take medical help for getting pregnant. Doctors prescribe different kinds of fertility drugs for affecting the process of ovulation in the women. This is because most of the women find it difficult to get pregnant due to ovulation dysfunction. Almost all the people know that very less drugs comes with no side effects. Fertility drugs also offer different kinds of side effects, risks and complications. Here are a few of them.

Multiple pregnancy is one of the side effects offered by fertility drugs. If you watch television regularly for health news then you might be aware about this side effect of fertility drugs. Whether a woman gets this side effect or not depends on various factors like the dosage of different fertility drugs, response of the body etc. Drugs like Clomid are considered safe as women who consume them have only 10% chance of having twins and 1% chance of having triplets or more. Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome is another common side effect offered by fertility drugs. It refers to the enlargement and filling up of ovaries with fluid. While ovulation, this fluid is freed in to the body. It may cause different complications.

Fertility Drugs Side Effects, Risks and Complications

A slight increase in the size of ovaries at the time of fertility treatment is normal. However, during ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, ovaries get dangerously big. It may also lead to kidney failure and blood clots in 1% of women undergoing IVF treatment. Ovarian cancer may also be caused by fertility drugs. This is mainly caused due to the increased level of ovulation. Clomid is one of the most commonly used fertility drugs. Though it rarely causes any side effects but the truth is that it can cause side effects like pelvic bloating, nausea, and discomfort in breasts. However, the chances of these side effects are only less than 6% in women who consume clomid. Keeping all this in mind, one should discuss about these side effects thoroughly with doctor.

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