Foods to Avoid while Breastfeeding

Food allergies are quite rare and generally occur with mothers who have family histories that suffer from severe food allergies. Approximately 90 percent of such food allergies happen due to 9 kinds of foodstuffs which are soy, cow-milk products, wheat, shellfish, tree nuts, egg whites, pea nuts, food additives and citrus fruits.

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Various studies show that an immature breastfed child may get affected by the allergens present in breast milk. If you find your baby sensitive to some particular food in the diet, you can notice signs like fussiness, spitting or vomiting, rash, congestion or colic. If you can avoid these signs by proper nursing then it is not related to food allergy.

Breastfeeding is considered to be a great technique to decrease or prevent allergy signs. The breast milk fights against allergies with the help of a coating that it forms inside the intestines which protects it from foreign material.
Foods  Avoid while Breastfeeding Symptoms of food allergies
Food allergy can cause problems like itchy throat or mouth, rash, cramping, diarrhea, vomiting or nausea. In severe cases, a dangerously grave condition known as anaphylactic shock can develop.
To avoid food allergies, foods that cause them should be avoided.

Symptoms of food allergies
Cow’s milk
A mother with strong family history suffering from cow’s mil allergies can pass a lot of colic-stimulating element known as beta-lactoglobulin in her milk. Cow’s milk allergies can cause rough, dry, red patches on skin or eczema that further result in open sores in various allergic children.

Another food product that causes food allergies and hence its forms should be avoided like egg yolk, egg white, albumin, egg solids, livetin, ovalbumin etc.

Peanut allergic individuals are advised to avoid tree nuts as well.

Red pepper or capsaicin
This can result in dermatis in babies which may develop into a perianal inflammation.

If allergic to fish, you should avoid all kinds of fish.

foodsSymptoms of food allergiesColic and food to avoid during breastfeeding
The simplest cure to avoid food allergy is to avoid allergens that cause it. You can know about the foods that you are sensitive to and then can avoid them.
Various foods that are seen as a reason behind colicky reactions or fussiness in a breastfed child are beans, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, caffeine, corn, eggs, dairy products, shellfish peanuts, onions, wheat, tomato, spicy food, soy and tofu, medicines etc.

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