Having a baby after Pregnancy Loss

It has never been easy for an individual to make a decision regarding having a baby. Besides, those who have gone through a pregnancy it becomes even tougher to decide on this issue as it gets compounded with medical details and emotions in comparison to normal people. Some couples decide to try and have a baby soon after a pregnancy loss, while there are some couples who are left with the thought if they would ever want to give a second try. Some of the reasons that may lead to delay in conception are delay in coming back to normal menstrual cycle, surgery in conjunction with the loss (D & C), genetic testing and waiting for the reports of autopsy and in many cases it is emotional issues.
baby after Pregnancy Loss
There are many couples who think that it is best give a few months to recover both physically and mentally before giving another try. It is always beneficial if the freshness of the wound is allowed to heal and body is given time to get properly prepared for another pregnancy. However, there are some who decide to give another try as soon as they are physically stable. However, it is always advised to consult the doctor before giving another try soon after a pregnancy loss.

One may not have to be bothered as when to get pregnant again if her fertility has returned soon after the loss and the person did not have to go through infertility treatments. However, getting the support from one’s family, friends, and doctor is of great help for one’s emotional well being. There are some women who feel better by taking more control regarding their fertility and to ensure that they have a healthy body before deciding on getting pregnant again. However, there are others who take the help of medicines that help them to get pregnant or give up the use of medicines that they had been taking before.

BABY LOSSHowever, staying healthy and being realistic is mostly needed for a person in this stage. Making proper use of the support and proper care of the body and mind will help a person to overcome the loss easily. Some women on getting pregnant after a pregnancy loss get a relief. While there are others whose sense of joy often gets replaced by the fear of losing her baby again.

It is always advised to seek proper care during the early stage of pregnancy both for medical and emotional reasons. Certain steps may be planned by the doctor in order to prevent another pregnancy loss. Some women need extra assurance that there is no complication in their pregnancy.

There are some women who would go for a genetic testing even if their loss was not because of genetic problem. They are simply nervous and hence go for genetic testing and ultrasound just to ensure that everything is fine. Some mothers claim that ultrasound help in bonding, while to some it is scary.

Some mothers even change practitioners and also the place where she would have her baby. One should always keep in mind that every pregnancy is important and also different. However, the bottom line is that it is never easy to deal with subsequent pregnancy as it is always physically, emotionally and mentally difficult for a mother.

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