How Accurate Are the Pregnancy Tests?

There are a number of pregnancy tests available in the market today. Each test has its own line of promises. Most of these pregnancy tests claim to be 99.99 % accurate. The expectant mother should know that their misleading claims are only one of their marketing strategies. The fact is the hCG level has a wide range that varies from women to women in the first trimester of pregnancy. The accurate results can only be obtained after one week of the expected date of menstrual period. The manufacturers make these claims considering the today’s products are far better than the previously available product.

Pregnancy TestsOf the various categories of tests available, the blood tests are considered to be most accurate. But even in this case there are chances of the pregnancy test being false. As for example if the woman is on some sort of infertility medicines the results can be misleading and not that accurate. The accuracy of the particular pregnancy test depends on the system and technique being used in that particular lab.

The home pregnancy test also claims to be 85-99 % accurate. But the chances of the accuracy of home pregnancy test decreases if the instructions of the home pregnancy kits are not properly followed. Another reason of inaccuracy can be the excessive intake of fluids by the expectant mother, which may dilute the level of the hormone in the urine. Further the home pregnancy tests are only accurate after one week of the expected date of the menstrual period.

Recent research was done on the 18 products available in the market. The result showed the test which gave the best results (95 % accurate) was

  • First Response Early Result

And the second among those brands was
Pregnancy Tests

  • Clear Blue

Blood tests are comparatively more accurate than the urine tests as they are able to detect even the lower level of pregnancy hormones. Still there are some factors that hinders the accuracy of blood pregnancy test among those are, medicines containing hCG and some fertility drugs. This should be kept in mind the birth control pills, allergy medications or other antibiotic does not affect the pregnancy test.

Thus the accuracy of pregnancy tests depends on the selection of the brand of the test and successfully following the instructions. Sometimes the expectant mother turns the simplest instructions into complicated instruction and thus does not get the accurate results. Double-checking and improper testing leads to further confusions.

This should be kept in mind there are various over-the-counter pregnancy tests available in the market. All have tall claims. But not all of their claims are backed with some support. These claims are their marketing strategies. So it is always better to select the best available brand and then follow the given instructions. The pregnancy test should be done after properly controlling the anxiety and nervousness. Overall these pregnancy tests help you to determine whether to plan a visit to the gynecologist or wait for another month. It is better to consult the doctor timely for the better health of pregnant mother and the growing fetus.

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