How to Bath And Wash Your Baby in the Right Way

Bath And WashBathing can cause allergies later in life if you give the your baby too many baths. You shouldn’t bathe them everyday, instead a few times a week is plenty, because of their skin. Their skin is too delicate to be constantly washed, the chemicals from the soaps can cause the skin to dry out resulting in rashes and other irritable skin conditions. When they are being bathed too frequently they are losing the natural oils that are protecting your baby’s skin. This leaves the skin more vulnerable to any potential allergens there might be which could trigger eczema. Eczema is a disease of the skin that causes it to be inflammatory. It causes itching and redness that is noticeable against the skin. It may also cause a crusty or scaly patch that leaks fluid.

Even though you should only bathe your baby a few times a week, their face and diaper area need to be washed everyday with a mild soap and then after rinsing pat them dry. When your baby starts its crawling stage you will also want to wash their feet and hands everyday because they are in contact with the bacteria on the floors. Make sure to clean the diaper area and the baby’s mouth with water or a mild cleanser.

A simple sponge bath two to three times a week is best for the first month your baby is home, because a sponge bath will keep your baby clean and at the same time be safe for their skin. When you start a sponge bath pick a warm room with a flat floor then cover it with a thick towel, then set the room temperature at 75 degrees so you don’t chill the baby. Get all of your equipment ready, sponge, alcohol pads, clean towel or blanket, clean diaper and outfit, with warm water in the bath. Don’t leave the baby alone in the tub, not for one minute. For newborns with a darker skin tone it is best to give them their baths on once a week or even less than that because they are at a higher risk to develop skin problems like eczema because of their skin being so dry. So to prevent eczema from developing it is wise to only do a sponge bath once a week.

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