How to Choose the Right Diaper for Your Baby

Right DiaperDiapers are the things that most parents dread. Having to clean dirty diapers after time you get used to it, and because it is your child it doesn’t matter that much. Diapers come in 2 categories: cloth or disposable.

Cloth diapers are definitely better environmentally because a single diaper can be used between 100-150 times and afterwards be recycled. They are also a lot cheaper than a disposable diaper on average a person saves $1,000 per child. The cloth diapers are made of organic cotton that will not be as harsh on a baby’s skin as a disposable diaper which contains plastic and chemicals. However you have to take the good with the bad in everything, even diapers. Cloth diapers also are hard to make leak-free, you will have several incidents where the baby has made an accident outside of the diaper because it wasn’t put on in a certain way that would have made the diaper stay. They also require more energy from constant washing and the time spent on it. Most diaper services use bleach and detergents when making these diapers, so they also irritate the baby’s skin. The top 4 cloth diapers are the brands, Kissaluvs, Bummis, Bamboozle, and Fuzzi Bunz.

Disposable diaper’s biggest benefit is that they are easy to use. You put the diaper on, when the baby is wet you take the diaper off, clean up the child, put a new diaper on, and throw away the old diaper. It doesn’t take a lot of effort and saves water unlike cloth diapers. Some day-care centers require you to bring disposable diapers when you drop off your kid(s). There are some disposable diapers that are now biodegradable so they won’t hurt the environment as much. The bad things about disposable diapers is that they go to landfills and even biodegradable diapers don’t degrade in a landfill and they ruin the environment in the production of them by using products that hurt the planet. They also use plastic in the diapers which isn’t very good for children. The best disposable diapers is said to be Luvs and Pampers.

To pick the right size you have to know the weight of your baby, then on the diaper packages are sizes newborn and sizes 1-6 each size also tells what the weight of the baby would be to make it easy to know which diaper size to buy.

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