How to Deal with Nappy Rashes Avoiding Tips

Nappy RashesEvery baby has at least one nappy rash in their lifetime. A nappy rash may also be referred to as a diaper rash. A nappy rash is seen as an inflammation of the skin in nappy(diaper) area. When a baby’s excrement becomes stale in their nappy the baby’s skin around that area becomes sore. If the area looks irritated that is a good indication that the child has a nappy rash. You will see red or pink colors spots/blotches in the nappy area.

The causes of the rash are mostly due to the nappy having stale urine and feces in it while being worn for a long time by the child. The waste inside the nappy is turned into ammonia, a chemical that can irritate a person’s skin especially an infant’s skin because it is so delicate. For this reason that area will start to get sores are become inflamed if not treated right away. Other reasons why an infant might have a rash in the nappy area are from an eczema condition, from a fungal infection due to the baby’s skin being wet while inside of a nappy, if the nappy is infected with bacteria, or if the infant has an allergic reaction with some substance which can trigger the rash.

Most of these rashes are simple to treat, you just follow a simple skincare routine. Depending on the severity of the rash however, you may need to take the baby to a pediatrician to get the are cleared up as soon as possible so the baby doesn’t hurt so badly anymore.

To treat the rash, make sure that you change the nappy regularly even if there is only a small amount of urine it. Let the baby stay out of the nappy if possible while he/she is playing or doing a lot of moving around. Every time the infant has a dirty nappy make sure to clean the area and let it dry before putting on a new nappy. Put powder onto the nappy so there isn’t as much friction between the nappy and the baby’s skin. Make the nappy kind of loose so air can get in. The rash will typically last 2-3 days if it has been more than 5 days you will want to talk to your pediatrician about why the rash isn’t healing right away.

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