How To Extend Breastfeeding

Breast milk has a great combination of all the nutrients like proteins, fats, carbohydrates & fluids which a baby requires. Breast milk is considered to be the ideal baby food and is beneficial to the mother too. Nursing mothers should breastfeed for up to one year. Other benefits related with breastfeeding are lesser risk of diabetes and allergies. It increases the immunity of the baby as the anti bodies are transferred from mother to the baby and it also it also reduces the risk of cancer in mothers. We have provided some suggestions on how the mothers can extend breastfeeding.

Extend BreastfeedingYou should start the breastfeeding at an early stage as it helps in increasing the time of breastfeeding. Take some time out as soon as the baby is born and try to spend some time alone in the recovery room and introduce your baby to your breast. Even if the infant does take any interest in nursing you should always remember that you need to build a bond between your baby and breastfeeding.

When you return to your home try to nurse your baby whenever he/she is hungry. You should feed your child after every 2-3 hours in the first few weeks however the frequency will decrease with time. Breastfeeding will help in building the milk supply. The more the demand for the milk the more will be the supply of milk.

lucy breastfeedWorking women may feel that the milk supply will reduce while at work. You can extend the breastfeeding even at work by using breast pump. When you reach home the first thing you should do is to feed your baby. The pumping can be helpful for working mothers.

Even after a year of your child’s birth you can continue breastfeeding as it is considered to be extremely beneficial for you and your child. Most of the nutrition after one year is received from solid food but breast feeding can be continued. But you should make sure that solid food is not replaced by the breast milk as your child require more energy at this age than the breast milk can provide. You should breastfeed him/her between the regular meals.

The most important thing about breastfeeding is that you should enjoy breastfeeding your child. It will develop a unique relation of love and affection between you and your child throughout your lives. A mother-child relationship is the most intimate relation of the world.

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