How to Give a Baby Oil Massage

Baby Oil MassageMassaging you baby can be good for their health and their happiness because of its effectiveness on relaxing a person, even a baby. To give you the step by step of what you need to do to give your baby a massage you first need your supplies. You are going to want to get your oil ready, along with a soft mat or blanket, and 2 towels.

It is best to do this when the baby is calm and after a half hour has passed since the baby ate. Make sure the temperature is warm for the baby, the best time to do this is after their bath because they will already be undressed and the room will be warm. You will want to put one of the towels over the mat or blanket you have brought with you, dry the water off your baby if he/she just got out of the tub. Place a little oil into your hands and rub together so it isn’t as cold when you apply it to the baby.

When massaging your baby start with the face, only use the tips of your fingers. You can sing a song or talk to your baby while giving the massage. After you have massaged the oil on the baby’s face you can start from the shoulders down the arms to the hands in smooth motions. Massage the stomach and chest, start by the collarbones and work your way down to the baby’s belly. The stomach is the most important part to massage because it will help the baby’s digestive system. Make sure to massage the stomach with several circular motions going clockwise. Then move down to the legs rub down to the ankles a few times on each leg then take both legs and press them against the baby’s belly, this will stretch the legs as well as his/her hips and knees then massage the toes, soles, and heel of the feet. Roll the baby on it’s stomach so you can rub the back from the neck to the feet, be careful not to put direct pressure on the spine, but too much could cause serious harm to the baby. Two other areas to be aware of are the elbows and knees be careful with these parts of the body because they are very sensitive. Lastly make some more full body movements from head to toe.

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