How to Give a Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage can be very effective and relaxing for the pregnant women. This can be started after 13 weeks of pregnancy. There are many advantages of having a prenatal massage form which few are stated below:

prenatal massage

  • It helps in reducing pain.
  • Helps in improving circulation for baby and the mother.
  • Helps in improving immune system of baby and the mother.
  • Gives a better sleep.
  • It helps in relaxing mind and body which makes the attitude calm.
  • Helps in bonding the baby and mother in a better way.
  • Helps in improving the chances of carrying the baby for full term.
  • It helps in improving the health of baby.
  • Helps in improving skin condition.
  • Helps in reducing headaches and nausea.
  • Prenatal MassageMaterials needed:
    Following is the list of those materials which is needed for a prenatal massage.

  • A towel and a thick, steady and stiff pillow
  • A towel or thin pillow for placing it under the belly.
  • Two sheets or towel for draping.
  • A pillow which could be hold.
  • Position

  • Never lie on your stomach for a massage. This can cause back ache.
  • Massage should be done only after a term of 13 weeks of pregnancy. Earlier to that, it may cause miscarriage. 13-22 weeks of pregnant woman can lie on her back having a cushion or pillow under her hip but a 22 weeks pregnant woman should not lie for more than 3 minutes on her back. This can cause a lot of pressure which can result in breathlessness in mother and also restrict oxygen and nutrition to baby.
  • It would be safe to take a side lying position for massage.
  • Make yourself comfortable by placing a pillow under the belly.
  • Place the blankets or towels to cover you for the massage.
  • Place a pillow or cushion under your head. This pillow should not be very high or very low as it can hurt your spine.
  • Prenatal MassagePressure:
    Any amount of pressure can be used for this massage as far as you feel comfortable with it. Use light pressure if you have water retention feet or hands.

  • Avoid any massages before 13 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Do not massage inner legs.
  • Do not use any shaking moves on inner legs.
  • Avoid massage if there is any bleeding.
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