How to Improve Your Fertility

From the conception of a baby till its delivery, pregnancy is one of the memorable experiences there is. However, not all people can easily conceive. With this, the pregnancy can come with worry and complications. Aside from this, treatments for fertility can be out of the budget and may be expensive. There are natural ways that can help you improve your fertility.

Improve Your FertilityLet us define fertility
This is the couple’s chance to become pregnant. If you are fertile enough then you have no problems in being pregnant. There are factors that can determine fertility. A viable egg has to be produced by the woman during the monthly cycle. A man has to have a sperm that is healthy which can fertilize the egg.

Natural Family planning
The most natural way to be fertile is to monitor the days when you are most fertile. Many are having problems conceiving because they have intercourse at the time when the woman is not ovulating.
Monitoring your basal body temperature can help you determine the time of your ovulation. When you are ready to release an egg, your basal body temperature will increase. Chances of being pregnant are at its maximum before an egg is released.

Improve  Fertility levelsPositions during intercourse
You can experiment with different sexual positions to get the right timing. The sperm has to be deposited close to the cervix. Avoid having sex while standing, or sitting or when you are on top as the semen may leak out. You can try the missionary position which can allow deeper penetration. Back entry sex is also effective as the semen can be deposited close to the cervix.

Eat the right food
The food that you eat plays a role in your body’s fertility. Hormones can be regulated with a balanced diet as it nourishes your reproductive system. Those who are underweight or overweight are less likely to be fertile. Fats in the body can affect the sex hormones.
Include food that has vitamin c, zinc, calcium and vitamin D in your diet. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and estrogens.

Improve Your Fertility Regular exercise
Combined with a balanced diet, exercise can help your body to be fertile. Fats can be burned during exercise so you will be more fertile. However, too much exercise can also impair you\our fertility.

Herbs are very potent and can help increase your fertility. Chasteberry and Dong Quai are herbs that can help you in your fertility problem.

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