How to Keep Newborn Baby Healthy & Clean

newborn baby healthy cleanA newborn baby is a joy to bring home from the hospital, now you need to make sure to keep the newborn healthy. Everyone’s health is important and needs to be watched carefully, but newborn babies are especially in need of good health. Without having good health a baby is more likely to become sick frequently. So you need to be very concerned with their health, which you will be of course. What is the best way to do this? Well, research has proven that a clean baby is a healthy baby.

Keeping your baby clean can be hard at times because of the number of germs there are in the environment, but in truth your baby’s immune system needs to have occasional contact to germs so that it can function correctly. Newborn babies do have some protection through the antibodies they get while breastfeeding. But breastfeeding isn’t enough babies also need protection from all germs they encounter, the first germ that a baby has contact with will make them sick because their body has never been around germs. So hygiene of your baby is essential. One thing to do is to make sure the areas where the umbilical cord and circumcisions were are part of clean all the time because if they are exposed to germs it can cause infections to set in.

Most people including parents think that a newborn baby should be bathed everyday, in fact that is incorrect because you should only be bathed 2-3 times a week. The reason for this is because of the baby’s skin, too many baths can make the skin dry and irritated. Even with 2-3 baths a week your newborn will still be clean as long as you make sure to still wash their face and diaper area.

Another way to make sure your baby is clean is by making sure the baby’s nursery area is clean. You can use several different cleaners, but the best would be bleach and water. When you are using bleach and water however make sure that you rinse everything over again so no bleach is left on surfaces. A cleaning spray will work fine on the furniture in the room. Also make sure you vacuum the baby’s room at least once a week and wash the linens once a week in hot water to kill any dust mites, bed bugs, or other critters.

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