i-pill Emergency Contraceptive Pill From Cipla

i-pill Emergency Contraceptive Pill From Cipla is a protection through emergency contraceptive pill which has been very popular by getting the best takers from all over the world. Other drug makers are also planning to pitch their marketing efforts to gain momentum created by the launch pad of this pill. This company has set up helpline numbers for answering various questions about the product and its promotion. A lot of queries have been poring in from various quarters imagining various purposes of its use as well as launching efforts with the wide range of advertisement backup as well as budgetary provisions with a lot of favorable response.

i-pill-Cipla Most of the men are carrying for this product in a very big way for the purposes of getting all the details with important points of view about the product as well as caring factors which need to be taken into account in this regard. This pill has been for ages in western countries for a very long time. They are available at various chemist shops and should be had within 72 hours of unprotected sex for optimization of efficiency. The effectiveness as well as reliability of i-pill has been on the declining trend with the efflux of time. There are estimates that there are about more than 4.5 million unsafe abortions in various countries about unplanned pregnancies which go up to 80%. The pill has three different ways of its functioning.

Firstly, it has the capacity to prevent the egg from being released from the ovary. Secondly, it has the capacity to prevent the fluid from resorting to the fertilization of the egg. Thirdly, it has the capacity to prevent the fertilized egg from getting implanted to the wall of the fetus. The medicine loses its capacity and utility once the fetus gets enjoying with the egg on the wall of the fetus. The pill should be of very good effect and the side effects are negligible unless you develop allergy to the use of the drug. Some side effects are nausea as well as vomiting. The status of the patient will become cleared only after the next cycle of the PMS. If it is inordinately delayed you should immediately consult a doctor or a obstetrician or a gynecologist. To conclude, this pill was considered to be very effective hitherto in western countries and now of late its efficacy has started dwindling with the onset of more pregnancies which is important matter to be considered from the point of view of product promotion of this particular pill in later stages.

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