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Abortion Pill is a medicine that brings miscarriages if taken in the first three months’ period of pregnancy. It is also useful for contraception in emergencies following sex which is unprotected. Abortion Pill offers safe, non-surgical as well as reliable means of abortion. Abortion Pill is also known as RU486 or Mifepristone.

These pills are not available presently in Australia from the point of view of inducing abortion. In 33 countries these pills are available mainly in Europe.

Introduction Abortion PilltoAbortion Pill is used for inducing abortion in pregnancies which are about nine weeks or less than nine weeks. A high level of hormone progesterone is useful for the successful pregnancy. With the action of progesterone Abortion Pill works by blocking it. Abortion Pill can be taken by itself by some cases. A woman can swallow the pill in the doctor’s surgery room or in the clinic within an hour she can go to her home. It is very important that she must have a contact number at her house so that she can contact the doctor or medical practitioner if she needed in the time of emergency.

In most cases Abortion Pill is supplemented with another medicine which is called prostaglandin to make cervix soft and it helps the uterus for contraction. About two days after intake of Abortion Pill, the woman returns to the medical practitioner or the doctor who administers the prostaglandin. This may be taken orally or inserted into her vaginal tract.

Abortion PillThis Abortion Pill is not suggested to all women who would like an abortion to do. The process may not be suitable for:

  • Smokers who are in the age group of 35 or older.
  • Women who are suffering with heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, bleeding problems or asthma.
  • Patients who are taking steroid medicines for long term period or medicines for blood thinning.
  • Pregnancies who are more than nine weeks gestation period.
  • Ectopic pregnancy.
  • Women who are suffering prior to allergic reactions to medicines containing mifepristone.
  • Women who are undergone with an intrauterine device.

The advantages of Abortion Pill include:

  • Most women do not need pain killing medicines.
  • Risk of infection is not so high.
  • Anesthesia is also not needed.
  • The risk of maternal death is tremendously low.
  • Abortion Pill is costs less than surgical abortion methods.
  • Abortion Pill does not require any services from the skilled surgeon. This makes woman attractive. Alternative medicine can be administered who are living in remote areas.
  • Women who are using this Abortion Pill will not have any kind of stress or emotional activities.
  • Most women who are using this Abortion Pill successfully remove the fetus without any complications. There is no need for further surgical or medical treatment.
  • Abortion Pill

The disadvantages of Abortion Pill include:

  • In some cases vaginal bleeding occurs for weeks together. If the bleeding does not stop within few days you should consult your doctor for advice.
  • Sometimes blood transfusion and surgical abortion may be carried out.
  • Woman may develop with an infection infrequently. With antibiotics this infection can be treated. In few cases, the infection caused is not curable. You should remember that there is a little risk of death in any pregnancy.
  • If the Abortion Pill does not work she has to undergo with a surgical abortion.
  • This pill takes days to work. But surgical abortion takes only fifteen minutes.
  • If the Abortion Pill does not work, the woman has to change her mind and go ahead with the pregnancy; otherwise the baby is at risk with attendant defects during birth time.

Thus, Abortion Pill is an oral pill that induces abortion medically by blockade of hormone progesterone. It offers safe, non-surgical and reliable purposes of abortion and it is not suggested for all women to resort to abortion.

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