Introduction to Abortion

Abortion is the process of termination of a pregnancy before birth with the consequent death of the fetus. If the fetus does not develop normally abortion may occur or the mother’s suffers from an injury or disorder there is prevention on her part to stretch the pregnancy to its full term. Such spontaneous abortion is generally called as miscarriage. In 3 to 15 percent cases, pregnancy terminates prematurely in miscarriage. Indulgence in intercourse soon after the bleeding incidental to a miscarriage stops, results in most cases in renewed pregnancy. If the causes of the previous miscarriage have not been understood and provided against, such repeated pregnancies may prove dangerous to the woman concerned in many ways.

cesarean deliveryThe methods of abortion are induced abortion, drug-based abortion, and surgical abortion. Induced abortions are carried out by using surgical procedure or drugs. The safest as well as suitable method is with the determination of the age of the fetus, which is calculated from the starting and ending menstrual period of the pregnant woman. Most of the pregnancies last for approximately 40 weeks. These weeks are divided into three stages which are called as trimesters. The first 13 weeks is the first trimester, from 14 to 28 weeks is the second trimester, and from the 29th week to birth is the third trimester. During first trimester if abortion occurs, it will be easier as well as safer to carry out while abortions during the second and third trimesters involves more complicated problems as well as great risks to the health of the woman. After 12 weeks itself the risk increases by thirty percent of pregnancy each week.

AbortionDrug-based abortion is also called as medication abortion. This type of abortion is caused due to medicines. There are two types of drugs. The first type of drug is mifepristone which blocks progesterone and the other drug is misoprostol which causes pain and contractions in the uterus. These uterine contractions drive out the fetus and causes ultimate destruction.
Combination of another type of drug induces abortion with the usage of misoprostol with methotrexate, is an anticancer drug which interferes the cell division. The medical practitioner first injects the pregnant woman with methotrexate. After a week later, the woman takes a tablet containing misoprostol to induce contractions in the uterine as well as drive out the fetus and bring about its destruction.

Abortion Surgical abortion is done by the doctor who is well trained in surgeries. For inducing abortions surgical methods are used. If a woman needed to remove pregnancy before it reaches eight weeks, the medical practitioner normally carry out an early evacuation to uterus. For both the processes a narrow tube which is known as cannula which is inserted through the cervix into the uterus. This tube is attached to a vacuum device, such as syringe, and are extracted the contents of the uterus including the fetus as whole. A smaller cannula is used for preemptive abortion which is carried out in the first 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy. In the early stage of uterine evacuation larger cannula is used to carry out in the first 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy.

Abortion For these two methods of abortion that is surgical as well as preemptive abortions there is no need of anesthesia. It can be carried out in a clinic or at medical practitioner’s office. The entire process lasts for only a few minutes. Due to infection preemptive abortion is caused. Woman who undertakes early evacuation to uterine they may experience heavy bleeding for the first few days after the process.Thus, there are many other processes used for abortion which are vacuum aspiration and dilation and curettage as well as there are surgical methods for removal of fetus from the uterus with the advancement of science and technology in medical realm.

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  1. shannon says:

    I am way against abortions i do not believe in them the only way that i would ever do a abortion was if i got raped and got pregnant because i would not be able to take care of a rape baby.

  2. Natalia says:

    I had a rape baby 8 years ago and when someone asked if I would consider abortion I said absolutely not! Adoption has given my son a great opportunity to live a great life, Killing a fetus just because the way you got pregnant is never the answer nor is any other reason. Adoption is a selfless act… Abortion is a selfish one.

  3. sarah says:

    i totally agree with shannon

  4. meagan says:

    well i strongly disagree with shannon and sarah im all agreeing with Natalia abortion is very wrong and there are always other options besides killing a child

  5. Yesenia says:

    I am way against abortion. I became pregnant with my now 2 yr.old daughter due to being raped. however…i never for one second considered abortion. it is selfish and to me the same as killing your born child.there is no difference. within days your fetus has a heartbeat……it is a life. A INNOCENT LIFE!!!! it doesn’t matter if its born yet or not it is still killing an innocent life of an unborn child. it is murder. yet many dont see how it is murder. thats the sad part. i HATE abortion. i beg all those considering it to consider me and those others opposed to abortion opinion. dont abort your child. if you dont want a baby give it up for adoption to a family that does.let that child livwe the life it deserves. (:

  6. yunxiidara says:

    YUNXIIDARA SAYS : sept.5,2011 AT 8:54 I totally agree with meagan says.abortion is very wrong and there are always solution besides killing child.THE CHILD IS INNOCENT!!DONT ABORT YOUR CHILD.

  7. JIMZKIE says:

    For me! it is better to let the baby born,even though your a victim of a rape but still theirs a life that GOD given it.don`t lose hope…

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