Male Infertility: What causes it?

One of the major physiological disorders haunting the human population today is the menace of male infertility. There are some reasons behind its rise. Some of the factors are inherent while others are external and environmental.
Male Reproductive Anatomy
Certain STI or sexually transmitted infections can render a man infertile or lower his sperm count. Another major reason is blockage of the passage that carries sperm. It may occur from some infection, injury or vasectomy. People suffering from erectile disorders are reported to fall prey to infertility. Hypertension, diabetes and some other syndromes can lead to this dysfunction. If a person is suffering from some hormonal problem or sperm generation issue unabated, he may become infertile. In some instances the exposure to hazardous materials has led a person to sterility. The toxic chemicals found in many foods and increased use of pesticides has led to this situation in many cases. The extensive intake of narcotic drugs like Marijuana or Cocaine can reduce sperm count in men significantly. Alcohol is a safer bet comparatively.

Male Infertility Smoking is something that can drastically affect one’s rate of sperm production. A study done in 2002 has suggested that smokers respond worse than nonsmokers to alternative reproduction technologies. It also diminishes the overall sexual drive.

According to many, the stress and escalating demand of the modern life has taken its toll on male fertility. The emotional stress the busy executives have to undergo is a culprit, according to the doctors. The professional demands can slaughter the needs of ones personal life. Some sexual issues may also lead to infertility in men. Doctors forbid using oil based lubricants as they can spoil rubber condoms. One study has hinted that prolonged exposure to heat in the pubic area may lead to this problem. Generally wearing tight undergarments are considered safe in this aspect. Certain deficiencies in diet including some minerals and essential vitamins can also lead to infertility in men.

Some of the researches have also found that being overweight is related to male infertility. Though there are some other doctors who oppose this opinion. Heavy duty cycling is a factor that is often blamed for infertility. Mountain biking can prove to be too strenuous for delicate nerves and blood vessels that causes erection. The rough and rocky terrains of a hill can affect the delicate muscles and damage them too. As a matter of fact, genetic issues or heredity related aspects can cause sperm problems in men.

There are various modes of treatments available for men suffering from this disorder. It varies according to the severity and type of the cases. There are conflicting opinions in the medical community regarding the consequences of ageing on fertility in men. Men usually remain fertile longer than women.

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