Managing Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual Syndrome ie PMS are the symptoms that a woman might experience a few days before her period. The symptoms seem to disappear the moment the period arises. Some might experience PMS are a longer period of time. Women who are over 30 years of age generally suffer from PMS but younger women might also suffer from it.
premenstrual syndrome
PMS is not found in every woman. Some may experience mild symptoms whereas some may suffer from acute symptoms which might hamper their daily activity.

The exact reason behind occurance of PMS is not properly known. It involves various factors such as physical, emotional, environmental and hormonal factors. It is most probably a combination of all the above mentioned factors. There are certain factors that influence the PMS. Women may suffer from more than one PMS symptoms. Women might get irritated very soon or with out any reason if suffering from PMS. The anxiety and tension level also increases. Mood swings are very common. They loose interest in work as well as social life. Most of them prefer to be left alone as they have difficulty in concentrating inn their work. These are some of the emotional symptoms that a woman might suffer from.

Premenstrual SyndromePhysical changes are noticed during this period. Retention of fluid increases, swelling is seen inn the abdominal and the breast area. Tiredness and lethargy creeps in. Some suffer from constipation or increase in body weight. Insomnia might also creep in. Body aches and skin problems are common during this time.

If we follow a certain lifestyle we might experience fewer symptoms of PMS. Healthy and well-balanced meals should be eaten regularly. Food should be eaten in small quantity and at regular interval so that the craving for food is lessened. Consumption of caffeine should be reduced. Water intake should be increased. Salt should be consumed in lesser quantity so that less fluid is retained in the body. One should get enough rest and sleep. Try to have a regular exercise routine Physical activity is important during the month of menses is very important. The best activity during this time is walking. One can also start with yoga, swimming, or some similar exercises.

Premenstrual Syndrome Care should be taken so that the stress is reduced in our daily life. We should try to make time for our relaxation and also indulge in sort of hobbies. Development of ‘positive’ thinking should be encouraged. But if the PMS are very strong and aggressive then consultation with the doctor becomes necessary.

The main causes of PMS are still unknown. Some study suggests that some sort of changes takes place in the brain which is the original cause of PMS. We should take necessary steps as per the symptoms and deal with them effectively.

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