Missing a birth control pill increases chances of Pregnancy?

Missing a birth control pill, or taking one at the wrong time, does increase the chances of pregnancy, but not much. It depends partly on when you missed it, when you took your next pill, and what your health is like, among other factors. You may take the pill as soon as you remember, taking two doses at a time, although, you should ask your doctor or midwife about it. The important thing is to take one pill every 24 hours. If, however, you miss two pills consecutively, your chances of pregnancy increases dramatically, particularly if any alternate method of contraception is not used. The best thing to do is to adopt a routine. Following a regular routine reduces the possibility of pregnancy. It has been found that a woman who does not follow an established routine is three times as likely to miss two or more pills during a cycle.
birth control pill
Here are some tips that should be of help.
A woman should make sure she takes the Pill daily, and at the same time every day. There should be a clear understanding as to how to take the Pill properly and what to do if one is missed. If someone misses two or more pills consecutively within a cycle, she must use an alternative method as a backup.

Associating the taking of the pill with some part of her daily routine can help, making it a part of the daily routine. A person must carry an extra supply, when she is travelling, if the existing pack is going to be finished before she returns. It is advisable for women, who have been prescribed antibiotics or certain herbal supplements or other medication, to consult her doctor about alternative methods of contraceptives.

birth control pill

Consulting your health care provider for a proper and thorough understanding of your birth control method decreases the chances of accidental pregnancy.

Even if you are just 12 hours late in taking your pill, the chances of your getting pregnant increases. If you miss any one of the first 21 pills in a pack, you ought to use an alternate birth control method for the next seven days. If you remember that you have missed your pill less than 24 hours later, take the pill immediately.

birth control pill

However, if it has been more than 24 hours since you have taken the pill, take two immediately. However, never, under any circumstance should you take more than two pills at the same time. If you haven’t taken the pill for over 24 hours, take the next pill and the last one you missed on schedule. Throw away the missed pill and take the rest of the pack as scheduled. If you forget to take a pill during the third week of your pack, finish all the contraceptive pills in the pack, and leave the last seven pills. Begin on a new pack immediately.

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