Period and Period Problems : Cramps, Headaches or PMS

Periods are painful for many girls. They have to deal with various types of symptoms. Periods are often accompanied with cramps, headaches or PMS. One should not worry about these problems as they are quite common and normal.

Period and Period ProblemsBut what actually is PMS? It is premenstrual syndrome that a number of women and girls might experience just before their periods every month. Some physical and emotional changes are noticed during this time. Many girls develop acne on their face. Person may suffer from acute backaches, headaches, constipation and fatigue. Some women find it difficult to concentrate on their daily activity. Some find it extremely difficult to handle a little amount of stress. It is also accompanied with depression and irritability. Craving for a particular type of food increases. These symptoms may vary from person to person. These symptoms are mostly seen before the onset of the period and just disappear with the starting of the period.

The actual cause of PMS is not known but doctors are of the opinion that it occurs due to the changes in the hormonal levels. The level of estrogen and progesterone hormones increases in a girl after the period. But they begin to fall just a week before her period is due. This change in the hormonal level gives rise to PMS symptoms. The girls and women who experience PMS are more sensitive to the changes that take place in their body. Some say that food also plays an effective role in controlling our mood. We behave in accordance to the type of food that we have eaten.

  Abdominal painOne should be afraid of PMS. There are various ways of dealing with the symptoms. One should eat a well- balanced diet. Intake of fresh fruits and vegetables should be increased and processed food should be avoided. Intake of salt should be reduced and water should be increased. Daily exercise and meditation can help in controlling the PMS. Intake of magnesium, and vitamin E should be increased.

Cramps usually occur during the first few days of periods and they can be easily controlled by various types of exercises. There are certain chemical changes that take place in the body which result in cramps. We should try to keep the abdominal muscles relaxed so that there is less contraction. If the cramps are severe then doctor’s advice should be taken.

The implications that are associated with periods are common and normal but there are certain cases which are serious. In such cases a doctor should be contacted immediately. Absence or delay of periods is a case of concern. If the period is delayed by 3 months it implies that the hormonal level of the body has gone totally out of control. If such is the case doctor might suggest hormone therapy. Eating a balanced diet along with medical advice will help a lot.

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  1. JAYANTHI.M says:

    last period date.19-08-2010 still period is not come but i take two times urine test negative.what is problem me? what action i will take?

  2. dimple says:

    last period date september 2010 after miscarriage and i m not pregnent. What is the reason not coming periods from last 8 months please tell me solution.
    what to do.

  3. Amir Hossein says:

    Very very thank you for you’r information.

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