Physical Signs of Early Pregnancy

There are signs that can help you determine if you are pregnant or not. However not all signs are experienced by all women. The fertilized egg travels to the uterus for two weeks after conception. Once the egg has implanted itself on the uterus; you can experience these signs and know that you are pregnant. Hormone levels change to which the body reacts.

pregnancySigns of being pregnant

To make sure that you are pregnant, you can use a pregnancy test at home. ou should be healthy to avoid complications once you are pregnant. The first few weeks of life in the womb are the most important period of the development of the baby inside.

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  1. Poonam says:

    I have had one miscarriages. I am pregnant again. I think I am about 6 weeks. The doctor did my ultrasound and says fetus can’t heartbeat. I’m very worried. plz help me.

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