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Pregnancy tests can be conducted at home. There is nothing new to it but the only exception is that in recent times there are a multiple tests that allow the pregnancy test to be done at home. They come with instructional manual that explains the processes in simple steps. In October 10, 2001 an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association declared that these tests can be conducted at home and are not very sensitive. The tests primarily take the hCG count that is passed through urine. The hCG which gets enhanced due to secretion of the trophoblast goes up after the fertilization takes place in the ovary.
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Basically a change in the total count occurs on the third day as it differs from the count on the first day of menstrual period. Time is a major factor while testing for pregnancy. People often believe that if the test is sensitive then it must be accurate. But the reality is not like that. one of the best test kit is known as Equate. EPT has been used for ascertaining pregnancy for last thirty years. In most cases it gives the correct results. Recently they have made the kit digital. The test is certainly sensitive but is much less sensitive compared to the fat based test. However this is an expensive test. In case of a digital EPT if the result turns pout top be positive it shows on the kit itself. The word PREGNANT is shown on the strip.
home pregnancy test
In 1999 United States used to manufacture more than 19 million pregnancy test kits under different brand names. Although the first menstrual date is believed to portray the best test result but since ovulation period can vary by individuals therefore it is not a very sure shot way to assess correctly. The study varied in at least 10% of the tests conducted and an accurate result was not found. This proved that the time or the duration of fertilization could vary in human beings and so it should be checked after the initial period is over.
Pregnancy Tests
Sometimes the test can also be misleading and the result might show as negative although the period has stopped and later the symptoms confirmed that the woman has conceived. In such a case the woman should for one more week and re test again. The doctor should also be consulted in such cases. The obstruction in menstrual cycle can also happen because of other reasons.

The price of the pregnancy tests that are easily available widely varies. There are cheap tests as well as expensive ones. Equate is one such brand from Wal-Mart which is cheap and also gives accurate results. They are not as sensitive as you might believe. Home kits are everywhere. In fact, These tests are used to detect pregnancy in the privacy of your own home and are said to be very accurate.

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  1. sunita chopra says:

    my dated 4th july but my period is not coming august today is 9th tell and advice it’s good news.

  2. anup saha says:

    sir last month that means 13th jan2010 I & my girlfriend have a physical relationship with proctection ,in the mean time her starts a mensuration cycle.and i gave her an i-pill.then today’s 1st march but mens cycle can’t start,i gave her a home pregnant test but it is NEGATIVE.she has low heamoglobin,in blood,and iron defiencincy.plz plz plz suggests me,immediately.

  3. dorchi says:

    sir pls my date is november 1 and now is december 7 but am having addominal pain and i tried home test and is negetive so pls wat again shall i do.

  4. priya says:

    sir, iam recently married and I have tried home test after i have no mensuration for 1 month I am not clear with the test result those i followed intrintraction, I got two line one is dark and another one line very light should i treat it positive or negitive
    I repeated the test after 24 hrs. i got the same result

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