Pregnancy Week 11

Hi Mom. Everyone must be calling me Fetus now.

The important progress till last week is over and now the baby is known is fetus.

Pregnancy Week 11Let’s take you through Week-11.

Baby’s growth:
In this period a rapid growth of the baby is noticed. This speedy growth is experienced till the 20th week. In this week your baby grows from a length of 1 inch to approximately 2 inches, and the head of your baby is approximately half the size. To have room for all this growth, blood vessels inside the placenta increases in size and in number providing your baby with additional nutrients.

Your baby’s eyelids are shut wherein the irises start developing. May be this week or in the next week, blood would start circulating between the uterus and the baby wherein the placenta starts functioning.

The facial development of your baby continues with the ears moving towards their concluding location on the head sides. Though the reproductive organs of your baby are experiencing rapid development, the exterior genitals of either sex appear to be similar. Clear differentiation of the same is possible around 14th week.

Pregnancy Week 11Mother’s changes:
The uterus in you is of a grapefruit size. By now your appetite would improve. Your nausea drops even though some smells might trouble you.

For nourishment it is recommended that you put on weight, wherein the recommended weight is between 25 pounds to 35 pounds during pregnancy. In case of underweight or overweight before your pregnancy, the health care contributor might have special advice and counseling for you.
By now you must have undergone some prenatal tests and had discussions with your health care contributor. Try to study and gain knowledge about the tests done, which is bound to ease your fears regarding the healthiness and fitness of the baby.

Father’s role:
The previous 10 weeks of concentration on pregnancy business must have taken you through a lot of you may have lot of continual uncertainties and reservations about responsibilities and finances.

Hey Dad, you need to call for a break. Hook yourself to the golf course with your friends.

The week’s inspiration:
God created Mothers!

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  1. tola olatunji mrs says:

    HI, i vomited all thru my 10+ weeks and thogh i dont fil much better in that aspect yet i know it’l be over soon. my husband gives me a lot of support and care on the issue. i’l make it thru and SO WILL YOU.

  2. Daphne nyirongo mbukwa says:

    My 10th week hasnt been nuasea is holible though i dnt vomit.watevr i seem to like is nolonger gud en i cnt wait 2 overcome this

  3. chanda singh says:

    4moth can we have sex relasion

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