Pregnancy Week 9

Two months of complete motherhood.

You 8 weeks of motherhood are complete now. Being a would-be mom you need to know more about the baby’s development and further accountability to be taken on your part.

Pregnancy Week 9Let’s take you through Week-9.

Baby’s growth:
Till the previous week a tail had appeared beneath the spinal cord of your baby, which has nearly vanished. On the contrary the baby’s head has been developing which is quite big in size in comparison to the body wherein it bends towards the chest. By now the nose tip has grown. Also some skin-flaps present on the eyes have started to form eyelids. In the coming few weeks the eyelids would become more prominent.

Formation of bones and cartilages also happens. The development of your baby’s tongue also starts now.

The digestive system maintains its development process. Your baby’s anus is getting formed now. Elongation of the intestines carries on. Formation of further reproductive features such as ovaries and the testes begins this week. Due to some development of muscles this week, your baby might make several movements. You must be very anxious to experience your baby’s movement, but you have to hang around for few more weeks to get the feel of it.

Pregnancy Week 9Your baby now measures approximately 0.06 inches to 0.70 inches i.e. beginning from the crown to the rump. The weight approximately would be close to 0.1 ounces.

Mother’s changes:
During prenatal visit, please disclose the health history of the family and evaluation of any previous medical records needs also to be taken care of. Surgeries, illness and allergies chronic in nature should be revealed. Heredity and genetic disorders running in the family also should be discussed. Regular menstrual cycle, previous pregnancies, your smoking and drinking habits, exercise habits, etc needs to be shared with your health-care contributor.

Father’s role:
Sex has helped you to achieve this, so lets chat something about it now. With the mom’s breast development you may be attracted to her, but at the same time you may be worried about the baby getting hurt. So talk to the doctor and get your fears lightened.

The week’s inspiration:
If you can’t share the bed due to the doctor’s advice, then you can still be close to your partner by sharing your emotions since the last intercourse.

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  1. Caroline Touthang Dalvi says:

    Hi, I am now nearly in my 10th weeks of pregnancy and I felt no good for any foods or juices. I am neaseous all the time and mostly forgo eating dinner after a hard day at work! I throw up almost everyday after travelling in a bus for an hour or so each day! Everyone told me that after I complete my 3rd month, I will be much better-off…so, here I am keeping my fingers crossed! Hope to be able to feel atleast normal to partake some food in the coming weeks!

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