Pregnancy Week 16

The baby holds it head straight.

Probably the mom must be experiencing her baby inside through lot of movements, which the baby makes. The baby has also learnt to hold his head straight now.
Pregnancy Week 16
Let’s take you through Week-16.

Baby’s growth:
By this time if you have not felt your baby’s movement, then you will have the experience now, as because your baby’s bones now become harder. In case of first pregnancy, overweight or thick uterus, the baby’s movement might not b felt on a usual basis. So moms please do not panic, just have a bit of patience. The baby’s legs have become longer compared to its arms, and your baby is regularly making movements of those legs and arms. The regular movements are possible due to the available space in the uterus. The baby’s toenails and fingernails are also developing.

The weight of your baby now is approximately 3.9 ounces. Your baby’s length would be approximately 4.7 inches starting from the crown till the rump. Wow! Now your baby is competent enough to hold its head straight. Even frowning and also squinting expressions are noticed through the development of facial muscles.

Pregnancy Week 16Mother’s changes:
By this time the health care contributor most probably would advise you on the “triple marker” or “triple screen” test getting done for finding out the alpha-fetoprotein levels and also the estriol and the hCG hormones in your blood. The AFP or the alpha-fetoprotein is a protein generated by your fetus. This test helps in detecting your baby’s risk for defects in the neural tube or chromosomal abnormalities. As per the research, 50 out of every 1000 women come out with abnormal results. So do not worry. Please go ahead in discussing the plan of action with your health contributor.

If you are experiencing a nosebleed or stuffy nose, then it is due to your blood volume swelling by 40% to 50% affecting the estrogen levels resulting in swelling of the nasal membranes. Moreover your increased blood amount causes the heart to perform much harder in order to support your pregnancy, which is not a setback of the healthy heart.

Father’s role:
It is the right time for you to go ahead and make a “will” or an insurance policy for life. It may sound gloomy, but the truth is that it would take care of the baby’s parents, incase of any mishap.

The week’s inspiration:
Planning for the family’s future.

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  1. shikha says:

    dear dr. i want to knowin the 16 week, what is the essentional proteen or food and fruit. plz suggest me

  2. vera says:

    Dear Doc, Is taking a 10minutes walk part of exercise?

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