Pregnancy Week 38

Pregnancy Week 38The much coveted time for the baby’s arrival is knocking at your door. You must be pleasantly excited over the whole matter. This makes you get less sleep at night although you can enjoy naps in between to make up for the lost sleep.

Mother’s Changes :
The mother can experience false labor contractions also known as false labor pains at this period. These can be felt at various part at the pelvis, in the lower abdomen and at the back. The labor contractions which are actual start on top of the uterus and spread over the entire area over the uterus, the lower back area and the pelvis regions. The true labor pain is sharp and very intense and this won’t be lessened by the change of position.
Pregnancy Week 38
The mother can feel the little movements now, which you can keep track of. If you notice any changes that are abnormal you can report it to the medical practitioner. You should not get up from bed with a thrust or a jerk at this stage. A tingling situation can be experienced in your vagina, down your legs and that is the naughty little imp in you kicking some nerves inside as he tries to get more comfortable inside you.

Baby’s Growth :
Your baby weighs a little over seven pounds. Your baby gains weight at a pace of approximately 1 ounce in a day. The weight depends on whether the bay is a boy or a girl. The boys are said to gain more weight than the girls. The brain continues to develop at this stage. The baby has shed most of its lanugo and the baby has a firm grasp now. You would know that when the baby arrives and she is given a finger to hold. Our little one would announce his homecoming in a few days time.
Pregnancy Week 38
Father’s Role :
When you look at mom now you find she is often jittery and cranky because of less sleep, the weight in her and because she is not her usual self as before. She has to go to the bathroom in thirty minutes and she had indigestion on a daily routine. So you think you are responsible! It is true you don’t have to go through all this physical discomfort but you do have to face a lot of worries and responsibilities in order to become a father. Give her a lot of support and bear hugs. Greet her with a smile always.

Inspiration of the day :
Birth is a mighty project which should be carried on systematically and with a lot of partience.

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    what are the real signs of labor, when do one starts going to the Hospital and what should one do if labor starts any where?

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