Pregnancy Week 36

You are showing signs of labor which tells you that delivery time is here.
Welcome to the 36th week of your pregnancy.

Mother’s Changes :
The average weight gain for you now is 25-30 pounds. You have to consume 2400 calories per day. The body gets tired soon and needs a lot of fuel. You can also take a tour of the hospital if you have not already.

Pregnancy Week 36There are some signs of labor that starts showing at this stage.
There is the lightening which is also known as the baby dropped, the bloody show which is known as the mucous plug, the rapture of membranes or the breaking of water, the opening of the mother’s cervix, diarrhea, and contractions better known as labor pains. If you face any leaking of the amniotic fluid, you should inform the practitioner immediately.

The thinning of the cervix and the dilation has just started. You may experience lightening that is the baby drops into the mother’s pelvis region preparing itself for the labor. You would feel hungrier as the baby does not create pressure into the intestines or stomach now.

You may still feel trouble while going to sleep and there is lot of fatigue and exhaustion. You may have to go to the bathroom more than often because the baby creates pressure in the lower abdomen. You could do with a number of small meals and as big meals can create problems. You can continue with exercises aPregnancy Week 36nd breathing exercises. This is the time you can catch up with a good lot of reading.

After the baby comes home you have to be on your toes and so you would not get so much time to plan things like her nursery or the crib. You can do such thing snow.

Baby’s Growth :
The baby is almost ready to drop into the canal of birth any time now. The fat dimples on the baby’s elbows, knees and there are creases in the wrists and the neck. The gums of the baby are very rigid.

The little thing you had seen in the ultrasounds is now a plump baby. The baby has a full face and powerful sucking muscles on the face. Now she weighs a little less than six pounds.
The baby’s skull bones can overlap while the baby moves inside the pelvis. This is known as molding and if your baby appears with a head that is misshapen, don’t be surprised. After a few days it will get back its shape.Pregnancy Week 36

The bones and genital development is also complete.

Father’s Role :
It is difficult holding a new born especially when their necks are so soft but you will slowly grow used to the habit of holding this dear cuddly darling who is your very own. You can do whatever the mom does to the baby except breast feed. So be prepared to take turns in nursing the baby. You would develop a deep bond with your child if you are involved.

Inspiration of the week :
Pray for a safe delivery and a healthy child to grace your arms.

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  1. allison says:

    Im a teenage mother and I just started my 37th week yesturday.Im due july 29th and Im getting “super” scared/nervous.
    I have a doctor app. this thursday.Do you think they will give me an ultrasound or check for dilalation OR anything?!
    somebody let me know.
    thanks! 🙂

  2. Hafsa says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    could you tell me the following answer of my related baby.

    today I went docotor and they made Ultra sound they found my baby position is opposite now I finished seven months two weeks. Please tell me that It can possible position can be change or need operation.

    I will be grateful that if you can give your opinion for above subject.

    best regards


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