Stages of Prenatal Development

The development of an embryo goes through many stages. This procedure is called prenatal development which is divided into some stages starting from the stage of fertilization to the birth of child. It takes about 40 weeks or 9 months to a child to attain the stage of birth. During this period, various changes occur in the mother’s and the child’s body. These stages lead to the growth of the baby and clearly explain the progress of the child’s growth in the womb. The prenatal developmental stages can be differentiated into 3 divisions where each division has its own importance and helps in the growth of the baby.

  • Prenatal stages of Development
    Below are given the three stages of the prenatal development:
    Conception stage
    In this stage, the body prepares itself for the pregnancy by taking various steps to boost up the process. It lasts for around 2 weeks. During this stage, a thick sheet of blood tissues is formed in the womb, after which the egg arrives at the uterus to grow further.
    Stages of Prenatal Development
  • Embryonic stage
    Just after the egg arrives at the uterus, it begins to grow. This stage continues till around the eleventh week of the pregnancy period. This stage happens to be the most important stage as the introductory growth of the fetus occurs in this part and hence, extra precautions and care should be taken.
    This stage comprises of cell divisions that make up the frame of the baby and also the placenta. In addition to this, by the sixth week, the fetus has a heartbeat and legs and arms. The intestines and the teeth also begin to develop. By the end of this stage, the baby starts the formation of all the major organs including central nervous system, irises of the eyes and the various joints.
  • Fetal development
    In this stage, the baby is known as the fetus and this ends with the arrival of the baby. By the 16th week, the fetus has nails, hair, genitals, vocal cords, hardened bones and working kidneys and a liver. After this, the fat begins to accumulate beneath the skin, the fetus starts experiencing hiccups and the heart begins to pump more and more blood every day.In the remaining period, the fetus develops eyebrows and eyelids followed by functioning lungs, nostrils, retinas and also the brain development with various immunities. By the 39th week, the baby is complete to be born.
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