Stress in Pregnancy : Pregnant Women Ways to Relieve

What is Stress
Stress is unavoidable. Stress is universal. It is therefore inevitable that pregnant women will also feel stress. However, whether stress has harmful effects on pregnancy is not clear yet. For a long time obstetricians have been trying to find out if increased stress can cause any ill effects to pregnancy, such as miscarriage or preterm delivery or cause any harm to the fetus in any way. Until very recent times, it had been generally agreed upon that, while excessive work can cause pre-term labor, emotional stress did not have any harmful effects. However, opinions have started to change. Recent information seems to indicate that stress can make the body release certain hormones that can possibly cause miscarriage, and initiate pre-term labor.
Stress in Pregnancy
Even if that last premise has not been fully proved, it must be admitted that pregnant women would want to lessen the degree of stress they have to deal with, just because of the sheer unpleasantness that accompanies it. The emotional effects of stress can range from anything like a mild sense of being overwhelmed, to severe bouts of depression. Eventually that can result in the woman withdrawing, and becoming unable to function.

Pregnant women can do things to reduce the amount of stress and change the way it makes them feel. Several ways have been found that are effective in helping to relieve the stress that they feel, and in getting on with their lives. Here are some techniques, divided into two groups, one, to readjust their lifestyle to reduce stress, and the other, specific actions they can take to change how they feel both physically and emotionally, about the stress they are under, thus gaining more control of their lives.
Stress in Pregnancy
1. After taking a good look at your lifestyle, put it down on paper. Examine your various activities, responsibilities and obligations. Then try to work out how much of it is “doable”, making sure of including time to yourself for such things as exercise, down time, and socializing. After that, ask yourself these questions very honestly. Can you possibly maintain this schedule? Can you sustain it? Are you satisfied with it? If not, you have to accept that you must change it.
Stress in Pregnancy2. Reconcile yourself with the fact that even if you can handle it now, it is likely you will not be able to do so as the pregnancy progresses. Prepare yourself to cut down on what you are now doing, and allow more time for rest and relaxation. You will need more sleep. You will need to set aside more time for meals to ensure that you are able to maintain a balanced diet. Allow time for a reasonable exercise program. Finally allow some time to yourself, when you plan for the change that is about to come into your life.
3. Prepare yourself to give up some control over your life-style. From now on, many things will not be in your control. All you can do is accept that.

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