The Process of Getting Pregnant

There’s much more than sex involved in having a baby. It begins with the ovaries, of which there are two inside a woman’s body, attached to the womb. These ovaries are the storehouses of eggs. Every girl child is born with about a million eggs in her ovaries when she is born. The ovaries will never produce more eggs and will release only about 400 eggs in you whole life, starting with your first period and until your menopause, around the age of 45 to 55.
Process of Getting Pregnant
Somewhere in the middle of your menstrual cycle, an egg matures in one of the two ovaries. It’s then released, into the nearest fallopian tube, the two 4-inch passages between the uterus and the ovaries. Also your ovaries start to release certain hormones. The average egg lasts about 24 hours. If it meets a good, healthy sperm during its way down the fallopian tube, the two join and the process of procreation starts, otherwise it ends up in the uterus and degenerates. If conception has not taken place, the ovary stops producing the hormones, and the lining of your uterus, which had thickened starts to dissolve, the onset of your period.

Process of Getting Pregnant Sperm production is an ongoing process. Their only purpose is to swim and penetrate an egg. Men are not born with sperm. They have to produce them, and all the time, as each ejaculation releases between 30 to 300 million of them. Sperm production happens in the testicles.

Of the millions released, only one fertilizes the egg. Sperm are of two kinds. Ones with a Y chromosome, makes a boy, and ones with an X chromosome makes a girl, the choice is totally random. While you’re enjoying sex, your bodies are getting ready for the orgasm, which is wonderful, but also has a biological function. In men, it shoots semen into the vagina at about ten miles an hour. In women, the climax also aids conception. It helps pull the sperm into the cervix.

Process Pregnant

A lot of activity starts inside your body. The sperm have started the race towards the egg. This race is designed to ensure that the best “man” wins. First, the acid level in your vagina that kills off a lot of them. Then the cervical mucous which is an impenetrable barrier except on those one or two days when you are most fertile, allows a relatively few of the strongest candidates to pass through, to the long road up the vagina, and through the fallopian tubes. The fastest of them may find the egg in about 45 minutes. At most, a few dozen make it. The competition continues. They have to penetrate the outer shell of the egg, and only one makes it. As soon as that happens, the egg changes so that none other can penetrate. This starts the miracle that ends in the birth of your baby. The sperm-egg combination develops into an embryo that passes down to the womb and attaches itself to the wall, gradually developing into the child.

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