Tips on Finding the Best Time To Get Pregnant

Everyone feels that there must be some particular time in a month that is better for getting pregnant. Indeed it’s true. According to the doctors there is a particular time during the reproductive cycle which is best to get pregnant. Although when ovulation occurs is considered to be the best time to get pregnant but tips for predicting the specific time to get pregnant are provided below.

  • Best Time To Get PregnantYou should predict the most fertile time- generally ovulation takes place about 14 days prior your next menstrual period starts. So the 14th day should be the most fertile day if the menstrual cycle is of 28 days (the 1st day should be day your last period started). If the menstrual cycle is of 30 days then 16th day should be the day you should go for it. If the menstrual cycle is of 32 days then it should be the 18th day best to get pregnant. One should always keep these days in mind in order to have a healthy life and a healthy child.
  • Keep a track of the basal body temperature- you can get a low cost basal thermometer and use it to see elevation in the body temperature after awakening every day as it is a signal when is the best time to get pregnant. The increase in temperature may not be much but this thermometer can detect slight elevation in temperature.
  • Best Time To Get PregnantCheck your cervical mucus- when the ovulation occurs it causes change in the cervical mucus. Its appearance changes to an egg like fluid. It’s a vaginal discharge which indicates the best time for you to get pregnant.
  • Buy and read a fertility book- you should try to understand fertility and pregnancy as much as you can as it’s helpful in getting pregnant and having a healthy life and a baby.
  • Obtain an ovulation predictor kit- these cost efficient kits can be bought from any near-by chemist stores and they are quite helpful in detecting the ovulation accurately. It helps in detecting the rising luteinizing hormone which takes place 24-48 hours prior to the ovulation.

Deciding when you want to get pregnant and have a child is a very joyful experience. Although pregnancy can be sometimes unpredictable, the choices you make can always make an impact in your life in regard to your health and the health of your child.

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