Treating vascular & pigmented Birthmarks

Treating vascular pigmented Birthmarks

The word birthmark encompasses wide varieties of both vascular and pigmented skin conditions. These conditions are prevalent at birth or early stages in life. These marks may appear all round the body. There terms can also be for some conditions named as port-wine stains which indicate red vascular birthmarks as well as cream-and-coffee birthmarks. These are brown in color as well as composed of melanin which is nothing but is skin pigment.

Till the past decade, significant treatments were not available but of late advancements have made in this regard. These have been made possible with the energy pulsed lasers; physicians had a leverage of technology which they could utilize for removal or improvement of vascular and pigmented birthmarks.

These lasers selectively have the capacity to target abnormal vessels or cells of pigment. With the help of this treatment port-wine-stain birthmarks can be lightened as well as sometimes completely erased. Similarly cream-and-coffee can be erased in entirety. But, these have the tendency of recurrence at some point of time or the other.
Treating vascular
The length of the treatment may differ with the size of the birthmark. A small birthmark may consume only a few minutes of laser treatment but, larger marks may require hourly treatments. Multiple treatments may have to be administered for these purposes.

Port-wine stains are taken care of by treatment in the first weeks of life with the lightening emission of their response. However, they can also be effectively treated at any period of time throughout the life of a person. The other marks also have lightening response to the treatment. A degree may vary between various marks as regards their treatment and this is a minor matter wince the treatment is going to be effective.

Laser treatments are not termed as major surgeries. There has been some discomfort for the purposes of encountering these procedures initially. Nowadays new contact cooling devices as well as dynamic ones which indulge in spraying cold liquid onto the skin prior to the impact of the laser. This process has brought about reduction as well as discomfort associated with laser treatments without any difficulty or side effects.

Basically, there is no period of convalescence after removal of vascular or pigmented birthmarks. Sometimes some bruising occurs but it takes about only a couple of weeks for their disappearance. Therefore, patients experience either no pain or utmost minimal discomfort during laser treatment and in its aftermath.

pigmented BirthmarksSometimes the recurrence of port-wine-stains is a rarity. About half of the cream-and-coffee birthmarks may stage their reappearance after their removal. This is so because the laser targets the melanin which appears on the surface of the skin. Melanin is not deep within the epidermis and is not affected but, it may come to the surface later in a lighter form treatment may reoccur.

To conclude, for treating vascular and pigmented birthmarks you have to consult a very renowned surgeon by checking all his credentials as well as his ownership of laser systems which are very important from the points of view of administering effective treatment without side effects or any abnormality during the course of and after the treatment per se.

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