Understanding Mammograms Checking Human Breast

Mammograms human breast checkupMammography is medical examination process that checks the human breast to find the existence of any malicious growth inside the chest in the form of a cyst or a tumor. This test is generally done in patients to diagnose cancer. The test requires a x-ray of the chest that is generally done with a smaller dose by ionizing the radiation and creating an image of the internal organs. This taste till date has given the most accurate results in diagnosing breast cancer in human beings. Once the x-ray is done the radiologist analyze the result to locate any abnormalities. Unlike the other tests like radiography of bones the mammography incorporates x rays with longer wavelength.

MammographyIn the early stage of breast cancer the mammography is considered as the best testing method and if correctly diagnosed can save the patients life to a great extent. This particular image generating method coupled with self-breast examination can actually reduce the risk of breast cancer.

A radiologist needs to know the current statistical levels of breast cancer existing in women. Even after going through a mammography test if the result is found to be cancerous the patient is called back for a further diagnosis. In some cases they are suggested to under go a biopsy. As per the survey in US only 7 per 1000 women suspected of breast cancer and undergone a mammography are referred for biopsy. In effect after further diagnostic tests only 3.5 per cent will be identified as actually carrying the disease.

Woman Breast Check Mammograms

The rates of mammogram results are measured at different standards in different countries. In some countrie
s mammography is done as a routine check up in case of aged women to prevent at an early stage. In 1966 the research papers submitted by Sam Shapiro, Philip Strax and Louis Venet proved the test as an authentic medium for detecting breast cancer.Earlier mammography tests used screen-film cassettes but with the introduction of cutting edge technology presently digital detectors are used. These methods using digital systems are called Full Field Digital Mammography or FFDM.
Mammography Breast Check

Computed radiography nowadays has made it possible to conduct the test with an imaging plate that works like digital adapter.The test once completed the radiologist checks the result and may call the women to go for a biopsy check. This particular step in the medical test process is called “diagnostic mammogram”. This part often includes the use of ultrasound techniques too. The suspected growth can be benign and in that case no further investigation is required.
Mammography Breast Cancer Check
Currently the biopsies are not done in the same process that it was done earlier by making the entire body unconscious. Presently medical science use only needles and based on the mammograms operates on the localized spot. Mammography till now is the best way to detect breast cancer but it is still not the most guaranteed way. In fact there is no sure shot way to detect the disease because often the cancer cells hide behind a multiple number of tissues in the breast.

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