Ways to Find the Sex of Your Baby

Speculations can be made upon whether it will be a boy or girl if there is any female is pregnant in a family. Arguing, guesses are inevitable about the sex of the newest member of a family. Sometimes it becomes so important to someone that they don’t want to wait for the perfect time that has been ordained by the almighty God, to find out the sex of the baby before its birth. This is tendency behind that forced the scientists and the technologists to invent something that can make a firm comment upon the ultimate shape of the baby who is waiting to see the sunlight.
Pregnant Baby Sex

This cause behind this tendency may vary depending upon the thoughts of the parents. Sometimes blind love for the baby may force one to form a specific concept about the dear little one who is going to join their family within few days. Sometimes sheer curiosity is the cause behind this practice.

Whatever the cause may be there, there are some advantages and disadvantages in this system. Choosing a perfect name for the bay is quite simple if there is a complete knowledge about the sex of the baby. Further embellishing the nursery in accordance with the sex of the baby and purchasing specific dresses for the baby becomes pretty simple if there is a fair idea of the sex of the newly conceived baby.
Ways to Find the Sex
But there are reasons enough to make a cohesive rejoinder against it. There will be no need of technical test if the curiosity can be kept under control for few days. Further it can deliver a beautiful surprise to everyone. It also helps us to make beautiful dreams about the sex of the new member of the family.

A combination of both the antagonistic wishes may generate a better result. One can decipher the sex of the child but he/she must not divulge it to anyone or there is another interesting option of not breaking the seal of envelope which bears the identity of the baby.

If one really wants to know the sex of their baby, he/she must have to choose an option from the options available. Each test has some risk involved and has something different from the others. Prudent decision is to be taken before taking a final decision.

male female symbolChorionic Villus Sampling which is popularly known as the CVS is a form of a diagnosis test which is generally executed within 13 weeks of gestation. This is a perfect and most suitable test for those who have some genetics problem. If this test is performed within 10 weeks gestation, it may harm the baby. Protection of amniotic fluid or malformation of limb could be happened due to this mistake. But it is something immaculate in its information about the sex of the baby.

There is another test, named Amniocentisis, which must be performed within 9 weeks gestation. The chance of causing harm on the baby is minimal than the previous one.

The stage of pregnancy will not be a matter in determining the sex of the baby because of the presence of the ultrasound method. Though the effect of this method is largely debated and still remains an unresolved issue.

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