Ways To Reduce Painful Pregnancy Cramps

Pregnancy CrampsIt is quite normal for a woman to experience cramping while they are pregnant. With that being said, pregnancy cramps are not something to really worry about. The cramps do take place when pregnant women enter their first few weeks of getting pregnant. Most women will simply assume that they are about to begin their period in such cases. Unless the pregnant women feel that they have specific symptoms that include fever, chills, bleeding, vaginal discharge, faint or headache, they do not need to see a doctor at all. However, of course, having to suffer from somehow quite painful pregnancy cramps all the time is not something that most pregnant women want to experience. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce these painful pregnancy cramps.

Apply some heat. Heating in a moderate level is proven to be quite effective in reducing painful pregnancy cramps. The pregnant women simply need to heat the lower part of their abdomen. If necessary, they can also take acetaminophen to relieve their pain. However, they should avoid any ibuprofen as well as other NSAIDS.

Eat right and take a rest. Obviously, during pregnancy, the hormones within the women’s body keep on changing and thus slow digestion down. As a result, they may become constipated. This will also cause the women to feel painful in their abdomen. Consuming the right food, water and fiber and having enough rest are all that the pregnant women need.

Do not make sudden moves. Even when pregnant women are taking some rest, there are times when they may feel itchy, for example. When this happens, they may incidentally move their body parts right away to deal with that itch. However, in fact, this is something they should not do as it may lead to stomach cramps as well as thigh cramps.

Stretch periodically. This will help the pregnant women to relax their muscles. Better yet, this can also prevent the pregnant women from experiencing any other injuries or sharper cramps. However, the pregnant women need to make sure that they do not press their stomach or lie with their abdomen downside. The reason is simple. This is harmful to the baby inside them.

Take a walk or a little exercise. At times, the pain that the pregnant women feel may have been caused by some gas trapped within their body. By taking a walk or a little exercise, they can keep their joints and muscles flexible. As a result, they can prevent muscle cramps.

Try not to have sex during pregnancy. Although it will neither hurt the pregnant women nor the baby within them, sex has a potential of developing cramps as well as spotting. This often leads to the pregnant women misunderstanding that they are experiencing a miscarriage.

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