Weight gain in pregnancy period

All women gain weight during pregnancy. This is a universal truth and needs no doubts or debates. But the interesting question is where does all that extra weight added on to woman’s body get deposited during pregnancy. Scientific researches have shown that in most instances the weight gets distributed in different part of the body and does not concentrate on one particular organ or body part.
weight gain in pregnancy period
The baby in the womb normally weighs between 7.5 – 8.5 lbs. The maternal stores or the womb itself comes as 8 lbs and the placenta takes about 1.5 – 2 lbs of its share. Since the body at this time needs plenty of water so the water content in the body weighs something like 4 lbs. Although it is almost a fad to become skinny or at least slim in recent years but we should not forget the women’s body need to gain weight during pregnancy and it should not be artificially curbed to keep with the time.

A modern day mother in order to maintain her weight takes all kind of diet pills and other things even during pregnancy. This is absolutely dangerous because it is going against her biological requirements. It is more of a social and cultural problem nowadays and for our own well being it must be changed. A pregnant mother needs to put on weight and there is no shame or oddness in doing that. Actually it is to be ensured is that the diet taken should contain all the required nutrients, vitamins and minerals required during pregnancy. Junk foods should be avoided and diets with more fat and sugar content should not be taken at all. Fruits are absolutely necessary.
Weight gain
During the later stage in a pregnancy the weight gets spread out uniformly and the average weight should increase by 25%. In the early stage the weight gain happens at a comparatively slower rate. The water levels rise and it becomes necessary too for the uniform growth of the baby. There are specific measurements to correctly assess the weight gains and levels that should happen at different stage of pregnancy. In case the woman is overweight she must put in additional 3 pounds. In case she is underweight she should add in 5 pounds.

But compared to the pre and post natal stage weight gain should monitored properly and additional diet charts should be maintained through out pregnancy. If the woman was overweight before conceiving she should gain at least fifteen pound extra. Similarly if she is underweight the additional weight should be 25-35 pounds. Overall diet for a pregnant mother should be nearly 300 calories at the most. Weight gain therefore becomes very critical for a pregnant mother because she has to take care of herself and also for the baby.

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