What is Montgomery’s Tubercules

A woman when pregnant notices some changes in her breasts. These changes occur around the areola. It is the area which surrounds the nipple. Around the areola there are certain glands which are known as Montgomery. These glands are found near the areola. These glands become enlarged when a women conceives and continues to be enlarged till the time of nursing. These glands enlarge in such a manner that they appear as tiny bumps on the breasts.

Montgomery Woman Tubercules The bumps can vary in number. These bumps are often described as nipples of smaller size. Sometimes they secrete a substance which helps in maintaining the PH level of the skin. These glands are oil producing and protect the skin from any form of bacterial growth. Sometimes small quantity of milk is also secreted from these glands. These secretions help to keep the skin healthy and also maintain the elasticity of areola. The breast should be properly washed with water so that the functioning of the Montgomery’s tubercles is maintained.
Montgomery's Tubercules
Actually Montgomery’s Tubercules are nothing but glands of the breasts. A little amount of swelling makes them look prominent and is often considered the sign of pregnancy. These are not additional nipples. This is one of the change that occurs when one is pregnant. This is one way of the breast responding while getting ready for breastfeeding. Changes in the breast tissues are also noticed. Let us have a look at some of the common changes that takes place in the breast during pregnancy.

The breasts start becoming sore or tender during the early months of pregnancy. It does not happen with all women and in some cases they go unnoticed. Sometimes pain is also accompanied with sore breasts. These changes occur during the first trimester of pregnancy. For this reason many women do not enjoy sex during this period.
Montgomery's Tubercules
As the pregnancy progresses there are chances that the colour of the nipple will change. They become larger and darker in colour. Sometimes small pimple or goose bump are also seen in the areola region. These are very common and are considered to be normal. These types of changes are known as Montgomery’s tubercules.

From the starting of the second trimester the size of the breast begin to grow. This happens because the breast tissues start preparing itself for feeding. At the end of the pregnancy term the breasts grow much larger in size and the mother has to wear a nursing bra. The first milk that our body makes is referred to as Colostrum. It is slightly yellowish in colour and provides the baby with immunities. The first milk also offers protection from jaundice. This milk is very important for the baby. Due to the presence of colostrum, sometimes a thin layering is formed over the nipples. There are some cases where no changes in the breast are noticed. Sometime there may be very little change. But this does not mean that there will be some complication during pregnancy and breastfeeding will be impossible.

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