Why Folic Acid is Important During Pregnancy Period

Folic AcidIt is often the case that the pregnant women out there do not realize that they tend to put their baby into jeopardy even before they conceive. Although it is true that every single pregnant woman out there wants to give the best they can give to their baby, there are quite a few things that they often miss out. One of these things is how important folic acid may turn out to be during their pregnancy period. Most pregnant women out there do not realize that they are in fact risking their baby in case they do not provide the baby with adequate supply of folic acid prior to and during their pregnancy period. A very bad thing that can happen to their baby without adequate folic acid supply is that the baby may have some physical defects.

Folic acid is in fact categorized into vitamin B at its own form. Folic acid is particularly useful in the development as well as the regeneration of the regular cells within the body. Yet, folic acid normally plays a very important role for the development of an unborn baby, especially during the first few weeks of the pregnancy period of the mother-to-be.

Folic acid makes sure that appropriate spinal cord and brain formation can be achieved. This is very important because without this, chances are a miscarriage will take place. In addition to that, the baby may suffer from NTD — which stands for Neural Tube Disorder — as well.

The neural tube disorders can usually come in a pretty wide range of forms such as anencephaly and spina bifida. The neural tube disorders can also come upon the pregnant women giving birth to their babies. The spina bifida, also known as the open spine, may very well lead to leg or bladder paralysis or even some problems in terms of bowel control. The anencephaly, in comparison, is quite fatal as well and is caused by the skull and the brain not developing properly enough.

With that being said, every single pregnant woman out there is recommended to take in folic acid with a dosage of about six hundred micrograms within each day. Even before they get pregnant, a woman is recommended to take in up to about four hundred micrograms within each day. Yet, in most cases, doctors will recommend that the pregnant women take in at least a thousand micrograms of folic acid each day. In fact, this is the amount that is usually contained in most prenatal vitamins available out there.

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